Sunday, August 30, 2009

Canadian Championships - Double Lift

Today was like all the past few days. Cold enough to wear long johns in the morning but getting hot around 10AM. They started with the opening ceremonies with all of the handlers parading out on the field.

Handler parade - Scott is in the light blue shirt 4th from the left
A young boy sang the Canadian National Anthem and the set out riders came down the field with the Canadian and Western Canadian flags.

Head set out rider, Chris Schmaltz leads the Canadian flag parade
I snapped a picture of the Reserve Nursery traveling trophy because I won it two years ago and never got it. It was broken and once it was fixed it was never mailed to me. I don't win alot and it was a special award that I would have liked to have for the year and had my name engraved on it. I appreciate that someone did get my name on the trophy but I was disappointed that it didn't say, "Jennifer Glen" or even "Jenny Glen " but it said, "Jen Glen".

My name and Laddie's name on the Canadian Reserve Nursery trophy
Oh, well. As someone pointed out, at least I did well enough to get it there.
I wish I had got a picture of Don and his Champion Nursery Trophy but we didn't expect to leave before it was over. Hopefully someone will bring it to us or be kind enough to put his name on it.

Drift's run wasn't bad. He went out to the right on his first outrun and had no trouble finding his sheep. He did over run again and had to be directed over. Scott fought him a little on the dog leg fetch but made the panels and set up to do the turn back. He had to ask him a couple of times, but he didn't cross over and got back to his second set on the left. Once again they fought on the diagonal fetch but made the panels and joined the two sets of sheep.

Drift with the second set of sheep
The drive was once again beautiful and controlled but the sheep were heavy. They made all their panels and then started on the shed. Scott had a nice first cut but had difficulty getting a flow going. They got down to one sheep and just couldn't get it cut out even though Scott leaves his sloughed sheep pretty close to make a nice draw.

Scott and Drift working on the shed
It was disappointing to not finish but it was a good practice for Drift to try his turn back on a new field. I didn't see any more runs after that since we had to get home but I did get the final scores...

Canadian/Western Canadian Championships
1. Dennis Gellings and Jan 126
2. Peter Gonnet and Jill 108
3. Amanda Milliken and Clive 105 (Canadian Only)
4. Bev Lambert and Mirk 103
5. Bev Lambert and Hemp 99
6. George Stambulic and Kate 92
7. Ian Zoerb and Gyp 92
8. Scott Glen and Drift 87
9. Nancy Stephens and Ike 76
10. Norm Sommer and Jock 74 (Western Canadian only)
11.Vickie Close and Gale 57 (Canadian only)
Vicki Kidd and Merle DQ (Canadian only)
Grant Musgrove and Sam RT
Judy Finseth and Maude DQ (Western Canadian only)

Canadian/ Western Canadian Champion
Dennis Gellings and Jan
Canadian/ Western Canadian Reserve Champion
Peter Gonnet and Jill


manymuddypaws said...

Amanda's run was very nice (to my novice eyes) it was controlled and her dog did a great job listening to her- I didn't see the 2nd place winner, but did watch the 1st place and he had a great run. that dog did everything she was told (or at least it looked that way)

no one got the pen at the end, although the first place winner, and Amanda came close...

I took some pics of Scott and Lad- they will be on my blog tomorrow...

manymuddypaws said...

I mean Scott and Drift....geesh..

Debbie said...

Loved the picture of the handler lineup... with all of the BCs looking back at the sheep. :)

Sarah said...

i agree the handler photo is funny with all the dogs looking at the sheep :)

it was fun to watch, I wish I could have seen the double lift!