Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fetch Gate Nursery - Day Two

I'm sorry I didn't do a report on yesterday's nursery, but it was basically more of the same.  The only difference was that Scott's dogs were in different orders.  He won with Bliss and was second with Tex.  Tara Dier and Fleet had a better go which wasn't hard since yesterday the rain poured on her with so much force and volume that Fleet couldn't hear her.  Their second go was much better.  Ford wasn't as good but I tried his outrun on the other side just for practice.  He wouldn't let me exhaust the sheep and we spent what felt like 15 minutes trying to open the gate without him stealing the sheep back.  I finally got him under control and spent the rest of the trial exhausting for everyone else to help him understand how settle down. (so I was unable to take any pictures).  Lori Cunningham and Anna went home early to plot their revenge on Ford for next year's nurseries and since we didn't need to qualify any more dogs, Skip stayed in his crate.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fetch Gate Nursery - Day One

Every year at the end of the sheep camp clinic at Fetch Gate Farm in Cortland, NY, Heather and Roger Millen hold two little nursery trials.  These are fun, casual trials that allow us to get our dogs out and try a different field in a trial situation.  This year, it was also the scene of a rematch between Ford and his sister, Lori Cunningham's, Anna.  Although Anna and Ford came away with the same score this time, (RT) Ford is still on top in the contest since he made it all the way to the pen (he made all his panels this time but crossed his course just after the drive away panel before getting back on track).  I retired at the end of the third leg of the drive and didn't open the pen.  Ford hasn't seen sheep since the last trial and I didn't want to start up on our pen problems again until I have a chance to fix them.  It took only one circle of the sheep before I got Ford called off which is a great improvement over his last trial.
We needed one more dog to be able to qualify 2 dogs so Scott threw our newest dog in as a fill in.  We got Skip from Bobby Ford just last week.  Although Skippy has fit right in with our crew, Scott hasn't had a chance to work the 16 month old ever (who only went to his first trial in pro novice with Bobby last week).  I was rooting for young Skip even though during the run before him, the sky opened up and started pouring.  For a moment, Skip was the man and went out on a better outrun than any of the 7 other dogs in the class but then his inexperience showed through and he tried to hold the sheep to the set out person and lost them to set out.  Better luck tomorrow, Skippy!
Although Wynn took first and Bliss was second, they had been sitting for a week and it wasn't their prettiest runs.  Hopefully, they improve tomorrow.

Fetch Gate Nursery 1 (8 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Wynn 63
2. Scott Glen and Bliss 53

Tex on the fetch

Skip and Scott brave the rain for Skip's first nursery run