Sunday, August 30, 2009

Canadian Championships - Double Lift

Today was like all the past few days. Cold enough to wear long johns in the morning but getting hot around 10AM. They started with the opening ceremonies with all of the handlers parading out on the field.

Handler parade - Scott is in the light blue shirt 4th from the left
A young boy sang the Canadian National Anthem and the set out riders came down the field with the Canadian and Western Canadian flags.

Head set out rider, Chris Schmaltz leads the Canadian flag parade
I snapped a picture of the Reserve Nursery traveling trophy because I won it two years ago and never got it. It was broken and once it was fixed it was never mailed to me. I don't win alot and it was a special award that I would have liked to have for the year and had my name engraved on it. I appreciate that someone did get my name on the trophy but I was disappointed that it didn't say, "Jennifer Glen" or even "Jenny Glen " but it said, "Jen Glen".

My name and Laddie's name on the Canadian Reserve Nursery trophy
Oh, well. As someone pointed out, at least I did well enough to get it there.
I wish I had got a picture of Don and his Champion Nursery Trophy but we didn't expect to leave before it was over. Hopefully someone will bring it to us or be kind enough to put his name on it.

Drift's run wasn't bad. He went out to the right on his first outrun and had no trouble finding his sheep. He did over run again and had to be directed over. Scott fought him a little on the dog leg fetch but made the panels and set up to do the turn back. He had to ask him a couple of times, but he didn't cross over and got back to his second set on the left. Once again they fought on the diagonal fetch but made the panels and joined the two sets of sheep.

Drift with the second set of sheep
The drive was once again beautiful and controlled but the sheep were heavy. They made all their panels and then started on the shed. Scott had a nice first cut but had difficulty getting a flow going. They got down to one sheep and just couldn't get it cut out even though Scott leaves his sloughed sheep pretty close to make a nice draw.

Scott and Drift working on the shed
It was disappointing to not finish but it was a good practice for Drift to try his turn back on a new field. I didn't see any more runs after that since we had to get home but I did get the final scores...

Canadian/Western Canadian Championships
1. Dennis Gellings and Jan 126
2. Peter Gonnet and Jill 108
3. Amanda Milliken and Clive 105 (Canadian Only)
4. Bev Lambert and Mirk 103
5. Bev Lambert and Hemp 99
6. George Stambulic and Kate 92
7. Ian Zoerb and Gyp 92
8. Scott Glen and Drift 87
9. Nancy Stephens and Ike 76
10. Norm Sommer and Jock 74 (Western Canadian only)
11.Vickie Close and Gale 57 (Canadian only)
Vicki Kidd and Merle DQ (Canadian only)
Grant Musgrove and Sam RT
Judy Finseth and Maude DQ (Western Canadian only)

Canadian/ Western Canadian Champion
Dennis Gellings and Jan
Canadian/ Western Canadian Reserve Champion
Peter Gonnet and Jill

Canadians Round Two - Update

I know you are asking where the updates went! Unfortunately, we had a farm emergency so things have gone haywire. We got a call yesterday that our sheep were out. Scott left the trial immediately and drove the 3 1/2 hours home to find our sheep 8 miles away, across a highway and brought them home where he was confronted by the 3 stray dogs who had attacked them in our barnyard. After dealing with the situation, he came back to the trial this morning (Sunday) ran his dog and we left early to try and find the 7 sheep that are still missing. Needless to say, I don't have placings yet but I can rough some stuff out for you.
Let's start with Drift. He had a great run yesterday (round 2) . He over ran dramatically at the top but after that he got it together and smoothly took the sheep around the course. Once again the sheep were difficult to pen and his time ran out. However, with the good run he had the day before, he still got in to the double lift.
Lad ran at the end of the day in the cool.

Lad and I walking to the post- photo by Sara Novak
I decided to send him to the left which was a very difficult outrun but he was still trying to find the imaginary sheep off to my right that made him go wide on his previous outrun. He cast out well and up the hill but perhaps a little wide. He disappeared from my sight and finally, after a few nail biting moments, he reappeared at the top a little short and looking lost. I flanked him over and he was gone again. I just guessed at when he was in the right place and hit him with a steady which brought him over the hill in almost the right place. He had a nice lift and a great fetch and was racing to turn the post when he tripped over some irregularity in the field and took a hard tumble. He hit so hard, I wasn't sure if he would be sound when he stood up again but he jumped right up. I told him "GOOD BOY!" and got him back on track. Most of the time, when a dog takes a hard tumble like that, they don't come back to finish their run well but not Lad. He worked his heart out on his drive and made all his panels.

Lad giving it everything he had- photo by Sara Novak
As he brought them to the pen, I was determined that the sheep would not get the better of me again. We got them in the mouth and I crouched down to keep them from running through me. It was a tense couple of minutes but we got them in. A perfect, full point pen.

Lad and I at the pen - photo by Sara Novak
We had just about a minute left and rushed into the shedding ring. I saw one risky chance at a shed and I took it. Lad is a bad shedder and usually I need a hole the size of a bus before I call him in but this time he came in and held his sheep and the crowd cheered. The score was lower than I expected (74) and didn't reflect the heart he put into his run. Both he and Hemp missed the double lift cut off by one point.

Canadian/Western Canadian Championships Double Lift Running Order
1. Bev Lambert and Hemp
2. Vickie Kidd and Merle (Canadians only)
3. Nancy Stephens and Ike
4. Scott and Drift
5. Norm Sommer and Jock (Western Canadian only)
6. Vickie Close and Gale (Canadians only)
7. Amanda Milliken and Clive (Canadians only)
8. Ian Zoerb and Gyp
9. George Stambulic and Kate
10. Grant Musgrove and Sam
11. Judy Finseth and Maude (Western Canadian only)
12. Bev Lambert and Mirk
13. Dennis Gellings and Jan
14. Peter Gonnet and Jill

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Canadian Open Second Round- First Update

Scott and Maid ran their second course around 6PM last night. It was starting to be cool and the sheep were getting better but Maid didn't luck out with her set. She got a high headed running Suffolk that just wouldn't slow down. The run got crazy and she missed all of her panels with the exception of two ewes who went through the drive panels. She actually did get the pen (which is now a different pen - it's more solid to make the sheep more comfortable, but smaller which won't, so time will tell if it is an improvement - so far it's not) but on her shed she gripped off.
Hemp and I ran our second round at about 8PM. It was nice and cool and the shadows were gone so I could see real well. They set our sheep high on the hill. Higher than they have been setting them and they did lose them twice on his outrun but he took his redirect and had a nice lift. He was pretty straight down the fetch line with a little bobble at the panels. Our drive was nice and we made all our panels. Hemp is really trying to work with me and although his stop was off, he was still controllable and even made the crossdrive panels by using a little "intelligent disobedience" taking a different flank than I asked. Turned out he was right. The same thing happened at the pen. We lost the sheep around and around and I asked him to go one way which wasn't working and he took it upon himself to go the other way and he got them stopped in the mouth. I had to get down low to keep those sheep from busting through the rope - many a handler is sporting a rope burn because the sheep ran through the rope. (can I say how proud I am of him getting the idea how to pen when 2 weeks ago we had never penned in our entire trialing career?!) We got them in and then ran to the shedding ring with about a minute left. I couldn't take as fast a shed as last time and probably lost a point or two setting it up but Hemp came in beautifully and had an eye to eye stop on one ewe before the judge called it. I was thrilled with that because he's never had one look at him like that before and I know that this past winter, he would have let that girl go. Wish I had a picture! Anyway, his score was a 74 which is much improved from his last one but it won't be enough to get us in the double lift on Sunday. Hopefully, we'll have Scott and Drift to root on. They run late today along with Lad and I.
Grant Musgrove (Hemp and Maid's breeder) just laid down a 90 this morning with his 11 year old Sam!

Canadian Open First Round Results

Full results can be found here
Open Round One (71 dogs):
1.Bev Lambert and Hemp
2. Scott Glen and Drift
3. Amanda Milliken and Clive
4. Ian Zoerb and Gyp
5. Bev Lambert and Mirk
6. Nancy Stephens and Ike
7. Peter Gonnet and Jill
8. Gayle Cochlan and Meg
9. Norm Sommer and Jock
10. Stormy Winters and Roy

Friday, August 28, 2009

Canadian Open First Round - Update 2

Scott and Drift were out in the coolness this morning when the light was beautiful and the sheep were still happy.

Drift on the fetch
He had a great outrun but had some difficulty on his lift. The sheep had decided they were going to walk back up the hill and they didn't care if there was a dog or not. I'm not sure if Drift made contact with them but he had to jump at them for a grip to get them moving. After that the ewe was broke and walked around the course docile as a, well, as a lamb.

Drift and Scott turning the post
They made all their panels and got the pen and a nice shed. His final score was an 83 and at this point he is in the lead with Amanda Milliken and Clive in second place with an 80.

Drift is in the lead!
Laddie didn't have a good run. It started with his outrun. He must have spotted something off to my right and got wider and wider until he decided he was lost. It took multiple redirects and lots of time to get him to the sheep. He had a good lift and was good around the course but we didn't get the pen. Wouldn't you know it, we ran out of time just as they were going in.
We will start the second round in a couple of hours. Maid will run for sure and Hemp will be on the bubble. Either way, he'll get to run in the cool again. I will get the top 10 first round posted later tonight.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadian Open Day one - update

Maid's score was a 61. Bev Lambert and Ian Zoerb are leading it with 77s. Hemp was a 59 but it was a horrible run. With the shadows and light at that time of night, I couldn't see where the dog was alot of the time. It was twilight and still had plenty of light but the shadows were mixing me up. We missed the fetch panels but made both drive panels with bad lines. Hemp and I are running in a different style and he didn't quite do it at the trial - he was trying but isn't quite there yet. We got the difficult pen but not full points, however Hemp really did a good job with it. Then we ran to the shedding ring and very quickly got the shed. Louanne Twa is going to try to get all the scores up later tonight on her blog

Canadian Open Day one

They plan to run 19 dogs in the Open class tonight. However, at 5:30PM they were still only on the third dog. Maid ran second. It wasn't the greatest run. She had a good outrun but was a little fast on the fetch and in this heat, you can't do that.

Maid on the fetch
I did see dogs treat sheep worse in the nursery and it didn't matter but it came back to haunt Maid. On the turn around the post she had a sheep start facing her.

A ewe facing Maid at the post
Scott kept her calm and she walked forward carefully without losing her temper but it slowed things down alot. They made the drive panels but missed the crossdrive panels. Unfortunately, we have a pen and then a shed and with only 8 pens out of 54 runs in the nursery, there may not be many pens. Scott and Maid ran out of time (10 minutes) at the pen.

Maid keeping her cool at the pen with sheep facing her
Hemp is supposed to run 18th. I'm not sure how dark it will be then. They have claimed they will run to 8:30PM. The good news is, it will be cool so I can really push on him. I may not be able to see what he is doing but he'll do it in the cool of the evening.

Canadians - Nursery Run: 2 / Western Canadians

The second run of the nursery was in the heat for all the dogs. They ran in the same order and Donnie laid down another nice run.

Don running in his second nursery run
Once again he did not get his pen but his final score was a 66 and when Bev Lambert and Esther scored a 62 in their second run, it put him in the lead for the Canadian Nursery Champions. Kate Broadbent and her nice young Salt won the round with a 72 but the combined scores gave Donnie the Canadian win over Bev's Esther by one point. We are very proud of him!

Don, the new Canadian Nursery Champion!

Canadian Nursery - Round 2: (27 dogs)
1. Kate Broadbent and Salt
2.3. Scott Glen and Don
Lee Lumb and Rex (tie not broken)
4.5. Amanda Milliken and Roz
Penny Ohanjanian and Moss(tie not broken)
6.7. Peter Gonnet and Taff
Thad Buckler and Nic
8. Bev Lambert and Esther
9. Ian Zoerb and Sam
10. Ian Zoerb and Lexie

Scott Glen and Don

Canadian Reserve Nursery Champions
Bev Lambert and Esther

Shortly after the Canadian Nurseries, they ran the Western Canadian Nurseries which consisted of the combined scores of the two previous runs by the top 5 nursery dogs who had placed in the top half of a Western Canadian trial. Confused yet? Donnie had another good run but he tied for second and ended up 3rd when he over ran on his lift. He got a 69 and it was won by Peter Gonnet and Taff with a 70

Western Canadian Nurseries (5 dogs)
1. Peter Gonnet and Taff
2. Thad Buckler and Nic
3. Scott Glen and Don
4. Lee Lumb and Rex
5. Ian Zoerb and Lexi

Canadians - Nursery Run: 1

We are finished with the first nursery class and have already started on the second one. Our judge for the Nursery is Dennis Gellings - last year's first and second at the Meeker Classic. He has a good view of the field from his perch on a covered wagon.

Judge Dennis Gellings on the covered wagon judges stand
The morning started cold enough for long johns but about an hour and a half ago it got hot. Real hot and it will probably start to affect the sheep. I would imagine the chasing done this morning will not be tolerated by the sheep this afternoon. Scott ran 11th and had a nice run with Don. Easy enough outrun with the sheep being set just up the hill at about 275 yrds on horseback.

Scott and Don waiting for their sheep to be set
His fetch was on until shortly before the panels. Scott got him set right and got them but it was a little wobbly.

Don on the fetch
He made all his drive panels but the crossdrive is hard to see and so he had to move about in front of it to find the depth. He didn't get his pen but got a 72.
Scott and Don at the difficult pen
There have been less than 3 pens this morning. First place Bev Lambert and Esther got one and got a 75. Ian Zoerb also got one but only had a 69.

Nursery: Round One (27 dogs)
1. Bev Lambert and Esther
2. Scott Glen and Don
3. Peter Gonnet and Taff
4.5.6. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
Amanda Milliken and Monty
Amanda Milliken and Roz (tie not broken)
7.8. Kate Broadbent and Salt
Gayle Cochlan and Lea (tie not broken)
9. Ken Price and Bud
10. Thad Buckler and Nic

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Canadian Championships

We have arrived in Okotoks at the Bar Pipe ranch, the 2009 home of the Canadian Championships. We got a great swag bag with nice ball caps for all the handlers and Rollover for the dogs! They are going to have a long day tomorrow. They are starting with the Nursery and running both runs and then they are going to try to run through number 30 in the open. That means Scott will be running Donnie in the nursery and Maid in the open. I'll likely be running Hemp tomorrow too. There are 74 dogs entered in open and each dog goes twice for a combined score to get to the double lift so they need to get started. The weather is predicted to be fairly warm so a morning draw should be nice. These are the same sheep we had for the Madden trial but they have done some culling so hopefully they will be even for all the runs. It's a neat looking field with a flat drive but the sheep will be set on a pretty steep hill for the outrun for both classes. I'll get some pictures tomorrow. Our judge is Roddy MacDiarmid from Scotland and we have handlers here from Washington, Idaho, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

EID Double Lift

We started the double lift at 8AM this morning. Fortunately, the day stayed cool until the last 4 runs. Hemp and I were first up. He's never turned back away from home and is only about 1/2 way trained with his turn back. He has NO idea how to do an international shed. I know I said I'd be more ready for this if I got in again, and Hemp is better than Lad was at the Bluegrass, but Lad is much further along with his international shed since then. No matter. Hemp was the dog in the double lift so we had to give it ago. He found his first sheep easily to my left but argued with me about bringing them at an angle. At one point, I thought I was letting them drift and holding him in a down and in the early morning light I was fooled and they were actually going back up the hill! I figured it out and we were on our way but not exactly at a great diagonal. However, we made the panels and I stopped him to let the sheep drift to the turn back post. I had hoped to break the the pull on them but when I flanked Hemp over on a come bye, he didn't open the flank enough and just flanked onto the sheep. I tried a turn back but it didn't work and he took an away on his sheep. I stopped him (already a cross over) and flanked him back over, this time with an open flank. I knew that if he got too far away from the turn back post he wasn't going to be able to see the sheep so I told him "Look!" again, and back he went. I gave him one away whistle and he took it, deep into the dip and out and around the second set. He brought them through the panels (a little off line) and joined his first set up.

Hemp joining his two sets of sheep
He was hard to hold on the drive and loved pushing on the 16 sheep.

Hemp and I starting the drive
We made all our panels and got to the shed. Then we came to a complete stop. We had only 16 sheep and 5 collared ones. It felt like I could never group more than 2 sheep without a collared one getting in there and the only time I had a semblance of a cut, Hemp didn't understand and messed it up. I'm embarrassed to say we got no cuts but when I ran out of time and walked off, the other handlers said they would be surprised if any sheds got done. This didn't come to pass, but there were only 4 sheds the whole day and only 3 pens.
Scott and Lucy's run didn't go as well. Lucy found her first set but struggled with the idea of a dog leg fetch. Her line was very off and when it came time for her turn back she didn't want to go blind. There was no way for her to see the sheep and she just isn't confident enough yet with her turn back to just go. Scott tried for a little while but he didn't want to ruin her so he retired.
Scott and Drift were up fifth. Drift had a good first outrun, but struggled a little on the turn back. He flanked around into the dip a couple times, but always came back to his first set. Finally, Scott convinced him to go back and he found his second set. He was good around the course and handled well. He actually got most of his shed and was left with one ewe and no pull to the sloughed sheep because they had wandered off. Scott was almost out of time when they finally got the last ewe off. There was nothing else to do but just hold her off and show that he had control of the shed to keep all his points when the time was called.
Then Maid was up. Once again, the first set of sheep were no problem. She had a decent line to the fetch panels but lost a couple around them (a lot of dogs had this happen) She needed two whistles on her turn back but crossed when she went back. Scott made her go out on the side she started on and she finally committed.
Maid picking up her second set of sheep
Once she found them, things went well from that point on. She was definitely feeling her oats and I always feared she was going to grip off but she never did.

Maid and her sheep turning the drive away panel
The difficult shed was made to look easy because Scott and Maid teamed up and did it picture perfect. The sheep just slipped between them. The first sloughed sheep again took off and Scott was left with only two uncollared ewes to shed off. He got them off but they didn't go far.

Scott and Maid shedding off the last two sheep
He kept a wary eye on them as he and Maid moved the collared sheep to the pen. The sloughed two stayed nearby and bleated to their companions who were being penned. It looked like they were all going in when one ewe slipped around the side. It was tense for a minute but then Maid brought her back and in she went!

Maid catching a run away ewe at the pen while the two sloughed sheep look on behind Scott
It was a very good run but with the cross over, it didn't beat Beverly Lambert and her good Hemp who won the whole thing. Maid ended up second and Drift 4th. Scott and Maid also won the best shed award (a new hat) and came home with a beautiful Border Fine Arts trophy for the first two day's wins. For reserve champion he won a classy new jacket.

Double Lift Results (13 dogs):
1. Bev Lambert and Hemp
2. Scott Glen and Maid
3. Ian Zoerb and Peg
4. Scott Glen and Drift
5. George Stambulic and Kate
6. Bev Lambert and Mirk
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
8. Stormy Winters and Roy
9. Jennifer L' Arrivee and Spot
Corey Perry and Jill RT
Scott Glen and Lucy RT
Lee Lumb and Nan DQ
Peter Gonnet and Jill DQ

Best Outwork: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Drive: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Shed: Scott Glen and Maid
Best Pen: Ian Zoerb and Peg

Saturday, August 22, 2009

EID Classic Day Two

Today started out nice and cool - just right in fact, but got very hot in the afternoon with no breeze. Our first class was the Pro-Novice. Scott and Donnie started the day and it was another great run. Donnie didn't miss a step and finished with an 84. Let me end your suspense now and let you know that Don won the class again and got the overall award for the pro-novice. Unfortunately, Tuque didn't get out to her sheep today. She understands how to go up a hill to get her sheep, she just can't comprehend how to go back down a dip and then back up another hill. Scott has some ideas for her and we have a little while before the finals. However, I think the finals will be a flat field and she'll get out there just fine. Shortly after, Sleat and Scott ran.

Sleat with a great turn around the crossdrive panels
She needed one redirect and a little chastisement but after that she ran so nice she got a 74 and a second place!

Sleat in her 2nd place run
She was also 3rd for the overall Pro Novice.
River and I ran next.

River starting out on his fetch
I was again proud of him. He needed two redirects on his outrun but even tho he doesn't like the horse setting out, he got over it and took the flank I asked of him.

River and I turning the post
He made all his panels and had a nice pace. Sometimes it's hard to hold him on the line but he is trying.

River on his drive
We had a nice pen and got a 66 for a score today which put him in 6th place!

Pro-Novice Day Two : 22 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Scott Glen and Sleat
3. George Stambulic and Bill
4. Chris Jobe and Fly
5. Bev Lambert and Esther
6. Jennifer Glen and River
7. Peter Gonnet and Meg
8. Lee Lumb and Rex
9. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
10. 11. Gayle Cochlan and Leah
Louane Twa and Rob (tie not broken

We had a wonderful "half time" entertainment in the form of the only handler running in the 4-H class. Wendy and Chris Schmaltz's six year old nephew, Joey and his dog Joy ran a course.

Joey and Joy spotting sheep at the post
Joy is 8 years old and has only lived with Joey for a few months but watching Joy follow her young master around the trial you would swear they had been together for years. With Aunt Wendy coaching from the sidelines this pair stayed calm and had an enjoyable run.

Joey and Joy heading towards the pen
The Open class started in the afternoon. Hemp and I were third to the post and we did our best. We made all our panels and even made the pen! He was a little pushy but working well and after a nice single we got an 81. Scott and Drift ran a little later and had a smooth run without incident and they finished with an 86. Scott then ran Lucy who had a really nice run that was similar to the day before. Her final score was an 83. Maid and Scott then ran another great run. Other than a bobble on the fetch she was really smooth and listening well. She again won the class with an 89 and won the overall for the open too. I ran Lad at the end of the day and even tho it was hot, the sheep were really running, even when you kept the dog off. It made for wide turns and when the sheep passed the pen, I realized there was no chance of him getting into the double lift and I retired before he got too hot chasing sheep around the pen.

Open Day Two: 42 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Lee Lumb and Nan
3. Jennifer L'Arrivee and Spot
4. Scott Glen and Drift
5. Ian Zoerb and Peg
6. 7. Peter Gonnet and Jill
Wendy Schmaltz and Gin (tie not broken)
8. 9. George Stambulic and Kate
Scott Glen and Lucy (tie not broken
10. Bev Lambert and Hemp

They were going to take 12 handlers to the double lift but ended up taking 13 because the last 4 dogs were tied with a 156. The good news is I made it in with Hemp! The bad news is that he drew up first and he is not finished with his turn back training. This is a hard outrun and I was hoping to let him see one of the lifts so I don't expect much but at least it will be over early. Scott made it in with all 3 of his open dogs! He drew up 3rd with Lucy, 5th with Drift, and 8th with Maid.
Double lift competitors: (not in running order)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Ian Zoerb and Peg
3. Bev Lambert and Hemp
4. Peter Gonnet and Jill
5. Jennifer L'Arrivee and Spot
6. Scott Glen and Lucy
7. Lee Lumb and Nan
8. Scott Glen and Drift
9. Bev Lambert and Mirk
10. Stormy Winters and Roy
11. George Stambulic and Kate
12. Corey Perry and Jill
13. Jennifer Glen and Hemp

Friday, August 21, 2009

EID Classic Day One

August 21, 22, &23, 2009 Brooks Alberta: Jo Anne and Ian Zoerb's EID Classic Sheepdog Trial is always a quality trial worth attending, but this year, it is also a great warm up for the Canadian Championship held next week and of course the up coming Soldier Hollow, Meeker and National finals. The angle of the outrun has changed a little bit from the past years but it's still difficult terrain. The dogs can see the sheep, set on horseback, when they leave the post, but go down in some dips and up some hills that can confuse them. The sheep are the same as we had in the One Tree trials - also put on by Jo Anne and Ian but they are much better behaved at this one. I thought they would go round and round the pen as they did in the last trial, but other than sneaking their nose around the corner, they penned pretty easy. Thad Buckler was our judge.
We started the day complaining that it was too cold and ended the day complaining that it was too hot. The wind stayed pretty steady all day blowing from our left on some runs and in our faces on others. There was maybe a little hearing compromised at the drive panel but it seemed that the dogs that wanted to listen, heard just fine.
The open class was first and Stormy Winters and Roy had a very good run, making all his panels and pen. Perhaps the only criticism was when he called his dog in on the shed and it turned first on the wrong sheep but then turned around to the right ones.
Scott and Maid ran 11th and showed us how to do it.

Maid pacing her sheep around the course
She needed one redirect on her outrun and after that, Scott concentrated on keeping her pace instead of having to stop her. She had a good pen and shed and ended up with a 90 point run which remained unbeaten for the rest of the day.

Maid on her winning run
Lad and I ran 17th and had a beautiful run up to the shed. He got a little lost on the outrun but fixed it himself without me having to whistle. His fetch and drive were really nice but he wouldn't come in on the shed. I think we had 3 missed attempts before we finally got it and had one circle around the pen before they went in. He ended up with a 71.
Hemp was clean on his outrun but overran at the top. After that, he was not as precise as I would like but we got through the course, making our panels and getting the shed. He had one turn around the pen and then they went in. His final score was a 75.
Scott ran Drift 35th and had a decent run but some difficulty with one ewe. He got his shed on the first try which was becoming a problem for many people who were expecting their dogs to come in but were surprised when they didn't . Most likely, it caused by the sheep curling around the handler.
The last of our dogs to run was Dian Pagel's Lucy, who was run by Scott at this trial. It was hoped that I would run Lucy at the Nationals, but it doesn't look like she is going to have enough points to go so Scott ran her here since he knows her better than me. Lucy only needed one redirect on her outrun and then got out there and had a nice fetch. She had to grip a challenging ewe on the drive but once that was taken care of, the sheep realized they couldn't push this little red dog around. She had a nice shed and pen and got a 76.

Open Round One: 43 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Correy Perry and Jill
3. Bev Lambert and Hemp
4. George Stambulic and Gyp
5. Stormy Winters and Roy
6. Ian Zoerb and Peg
7.8.9. Bev Lambert and Mirk
Wendy Schmaltz and Fly
Dale Montgomery (ties not broken)
10. Peter Gonnet and Jill

On to the Pro Novice class. Gayle Cochlan and her Leah were up first and no runs got any better after she laid down her 75 point run. The second highest run went to Scott and Don who missed their fetch gate and other than that had a really good run. Tuque and I ran 15th and were running with a handicap. Tuque had tore up the pads of her feet during our practice runs this week and had to wear bandages to the post. She felt good enough when the bandages were put on that I had no hesitation in running her. We have been working on teaching her a "get out" so that when she is confused on her outrun I can help her. She understands how to go up a hill but not down the other side and up the next one so she tried to crossover again. She didn't get much for her outrun, but I got her out there and maybe tomorrow she will remember where she found them. After that she settle down and had a nice controlled fetch and a decent drive but we lost so much time getting her out on the outrun that we ran out of time on the third leg and got no points for the drive. He outrun lift and fetch were a 23. Next to last was Scott and Sleat. Unfortunately, Sleat tried to crossover but Scott stopped her on the line and got her back around the way she came. The judge took 14 for that but other than that, she was still looking pretty good around the course and ended with a 68. River and I ran last and he did a pretty nice job. He needed a few redirects on his outrun but on the whole, he was easier to get out than Tuque. It was our first course completed and I was proud of him. He made all his panels and had a nice pen but his lines were a little off and we ended up with a 58.

Pro-Novice Day One: (22 dogs) unofficial

1. Gayle Cochlan and Leah
2. Scott Glen and Don
3. Chris Jobe and Fly
4. Bev Lambert and Esther
5. Scott Glen and Sleat
6. Lee Lumb and Rex
7.8. Correy Perry and Jill
Peter Gonnet and Meg (tie not broken)
9. Louanne Twa and Rob
10. 11. Abe Marshall and Maid
Jennifer Glen and River (tie not broken)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Madden Summer Classic - Day Two

We awoke on Sunday to the welcome sight of a tractor and swather cutting down some of the tall grass on the trial field. It was much easier to see your dog at the top now and it was predicted that some of the scores would be in the 90s. I was second up to the post with Lad in the Open. He needed one redirect on his outrun but I could see him at the top and had a better lift. He brought them down the fetch line a little hard but I let it go for a little bit to get them away from the trailers. It is rare that sheep find Lad too imposing but it caught up with us. I had just decided weneeded to smooth out just past the fetch panels and one of the ewes declared she wasn't going any further. She dropped her head and came at Lad who responded with a quick hit on her nose that made her jump up and turn around to continue along. I made extra sure that we took our time after that since she was still considering quitting but we managed to persuade her to finish the course. I still missed the cross drive panels but every thing else looked good and we ended up with an 84. Lucy and I were next. Unfortunately, Lucy didn't get to see any of the runs go before her on that day because my runs were too close together. I thought she might be ok anyway because she had been up there the day before, but it didn't work that way. She got more lost the second day than the first one and was pretty crazy when she finally found them. The run was very rough and we missed our fetch panels. We managed to turn the post but the sheep took off for the exhaust and Lucy had no room to give ground against the fence and ended up gripping off. I was determined to get ahold of Hemp this time. He had a great outrun and his usual good lift but he was pushing hard. I fought him around the course and managed to settle him down. We had a good drive and crossdrive and I almost made those crossdrive panels but not quite. We had another good shed but once again, no pen which is getting pretty frustrating. Our final score was a 72. Scott ran Drift again and had a very nice run making his panels and getting his shed.

Drift and Scott at the start of the drive
His pen was rough so he only ended up with an 83 which was a tie for 6th place.

Scott calling Drift in on the shed
The last Open dog to run was Maid who finished her course but it was not clean. I never did get a score for Maid. It wasn't posted and even though I asked several times I couldn't find it out. Scott said it wasn't competitive but he was happy enough with her.
Grant Musgrove with Sam, a son of Scott's old Dan showed us how some age and experience in a dog can make it look easy. Eleven year old, one eyed Sam just coasted around the course and won with a 93!

Not Sam, but Grant Musgrove watches with his next generation of winners, Alta-Pete Willow

There was a three way tie for the overall trophy in the Open class. The USBCHA national champions, Ian Zoerb and Peg, challenged Milton Scott and Ben and Laddie and I in a run off course. Milton ran first and had a great outrun and lift but his drive was off and he missed the panels. He finished with a good shed and pen. Laddie gave me everything he had. We had nice lines and FINALLY made that crossdrive panel (it was time to go for broke). The shed and pen were not clean but we only lost a few points on them. Ian had good fetch but missed a panel on his drive so he walked off before the shed. The judge's final decision was that Lad and I had won it with a 91! I was very proud to have won against such difficult competitors.

Lad and his overall Open trophy

Open Day Two -28 dogs (unofficial)
1. Grant Musgrove and Sam
2. Thad Buckler and Cora
3. Corey Perry and Jill
4. Ian Zoerb and Gyp
5. 6. Jennifer Glen and Lad
Milton Scott and Ben (tie not broken)
7. 8. Scott Glen and Drift
Ian Zoerb and Peg (tie not broken)
9. Randy Dye and Sweep
10. Penny Ohanjanian Quill

Overall Open:
1. Jennifer Glen and Lad
2. Milton Scott and Ben
3. Ian Zoerb and Peg

The Pro Novice class ran in the afternoon and was almost a copy of the day before. Scott and Sleat started the day and although the run was not as clean as the day before, they pulled off a 79 which was good enough for the win and the overall! River looked as if he had seen the sheep this time and went out with confidence but once he dropped into the first dip he was confused and never did get all the way out. Tarn surprisingly had difficulties on her outrun but only because she was trying to be good. She took Scott's redirect and continued way past the set out trailers with the sheep and into the back field. Fortunately, even though no one could see her, she could still hear Scott's recalls and came back after a long wait. Don had 3 sheep that were working together and one that just wanted to graze in the afternoon sun. He worked very hard and got her around the course but only got a 52 for his effort. I could have sworn that Tuque was going to make it to the sheep that day but once again the dip in the field fooled her and she wouldn't bend enough to look around for the hiding sheep so we retired again. Chase gave it a good effort and had a nice outrun
Andrea Anderson's XE Chase
but being slow on the fetch she missed the panels and then lost the sheep to the exhaust like many other dogs that day.

Pro Novice Day Two -23 dogs:
1. Scott Glen and Sleat
2. Thad Buckler and Nick
3. Judy Finseth and Maud
4. Chris Jobe and Fly
5. Thad Buckler and Cora
6. Scott Glen and Don

Overall Pro Novice:
1. Scott Glen and Sleat

Madden Summer Classic - Day One

August 15-16, 2009 Madden, Alberta : Denis Nagel , DVM and the Madden Ag Society put on this classy trial for the second year. The whole town of Madden gets behind the show and it gets quite a few spectators. At Saturday night's dinner, every open dog was bought in the calcutta and most of them by locals. The sheep are crossbred woolies and are the same ones that will be used in the upcoming Canadian Championships. There were a few unfit ones but most of them were good as long as you treated them well. If you chased them, the judge, Denis Nagel, didn't need to mark it, the sheep would penalize you for your bad stockwork. The weather was blissfully cool all weekend and allowed everyone to lay down their best runs. The field; Well, the field was very difficult. It had dips that tricked the dogs into coming in early on their outruns and the grass was so high in places, especially on the lift, that you couldn't see your dog. It certainly gave you practice in learning to watch your sheep instead of your dog because you had no choice.
We started with the Pro-Novice class. Scott and Don were second to the post and got a difficult draw. It was a learning experience for Don who is figuring out how to handle all types of sheep. His run earned him a 69. Susan Gilbert's Tuque and I were next to the post. She seemed to see the sheep when she left my side. She ran out with confidence but at about 150 yards out she started to come in early. I stopped her and redirected her but she didn't take it. I stopped her again and tried to bend her by chewing her out but that didn't work either. In the end, I tried to get her to bend all the way across the field but once she had crossed over and I could see she wasn't going to bend and get her sheep, I figured nothing could be gained and walked off. She clearly had no idea what I was talking about so brow beating her was not going to fix it - something to work on at home.
Scott's next run was with Andrea Anderson's Chase from Alberta. Chase is a 6 year old red bitch out of the same Meg as Maid and Hemp and is in for some brush up training work. She is incredibly honest but had pups a few months ago and hasn't gotten her vigor back yet. She did a nice but slow outrun and took her sheep politely around the course. Unfortunately she only earned a 32. Scott then ran Diane Pagel's Sleat who was definitely on her game. Apparently she has decided to peak at a good time and we are hoping this continues through the nationals. She acted as if the high grass and touchy sheep were no problem and marched them around and made all her gates. When the pen gate closed, she had earned an 82! This was enough to win the class! Shortly after Sleat, David Titcomb's River and I went to the post. I had a feeling this outrun was going to be beyond him and he just didn't have any idea where those sheep were. I gave him several redirects but he didn't understand so we retired. Next, Scott ran Tarn. Tarn is a 4yr old bitch owned by Chris Soderstrom of Fido's Farm in Olympia, Washington.

Chris Soderstom's Tarn in the high grass on the fetch
Tarn is another bitch out of Grant Musgrove's Megan and is a littermate to my Hemp but is very different from him. Tarn is very courteous to her sheep. Scott did her early training a couple of years ago but she and Chris have put alot of miles on at their working ranch since then and that has really molded her into a dog that understands sheep. She has recently come back in for shedding and turn back training and even though she had never run in a trial before, Scott thought she could handle this one and she certainly did.

Tarn having no trouble with her sheep
Because of her practical work, Tarn was able to do the outrun when many other dogs couldn't. She only needed one redirect and then took her sheep around nicely and made all her panels and pen.

Tarn at the pen
She tied for second with an 81 but her redirect on the outrun bumped her to 3rd. Not bad for her first trial!

Pro Novice Day One - 24 dogs (unofficial):
1. Scott Glen and Sleat
2.Thad Buckler and Cora
3. Scott Glen and Tarn
4. Corey Perry and Jill
5. Scott Glen and Don
6. 7. Judy Finseth and Maude
Penny Ohanjanian and Moss (Tie not broken
8. Judy Finseth and Kate
9. Thad Buckler and Scott
10. Ian Zoerb and Lexi

The Open class started in the afternoon and Scott and Drift were the first to the post. Drift took his redirect and found the sheep but his fetch was a little rough. It wasn't a bad run but wasn't great either and earned him a 65. A little later, Scott ran Maid who had one redirect on her outrun and a good lift. The sheep were coming along nicely on the fetch but shortly into it, they split in half and two ran back up to the set out. Because of the high grass, it was impossible to tell what caused it but Scott knows his dog well and has his suspicions. It looked like it couldn't be fixed but Maid went back and got them and slowly and carefully worked them back together and continued on her run. It hurt her score and she ended up with only a 78. Next, I was up to the post with Lad. He didn't need any redirects on his outrun but I couldn't see him at the top and had no idea where he was. I blew some walk up whistles and got nothing. I was getting a little worried that he was lost somewhere but since he always comes up short, I tried a comebye whistle and then a walk up. That worked. He must have been waiting for the redirect and didn't want to walk up in the wrong place. Why he didn't just move over I'll never know. After that, he had a good run but I had a hard time getting the crossdrive panels. Other than that, it was nice enough to get us an 83 which put us in a 3 way tie for second (one point behind the leaders, Ian Zoerb and Peg) but dropped us to 4th because of the slow lift. Shortly after, Diane Pagel's Lucy and I went to the post. Scott put some training on Lucy this winter but then she went home to Diane for a couple of months. She came back last week and I only had a couple of days to work her before we went to the post at this trial.

Lucy and I at the start of the outrun
She needed a couple of redirects on the outrun and I think it threw her off when she finally got there because she was a little rough on the sheep and that is very unlike her. We missed the fetch panels but got back on line and made our drive panels. I again missed the cross drive panels but we had a nice shed and pen and earned a 65 in our first trial together. Last, I ran Hemp. It was not a good run. He needed one redirect but once he got to his sheep he was wild and didn't settle. I didn't allow him to abuse the them but it was never a straight line. His one good thing was his shed but after the pen continued to be it's customary round and round, I retired.

Open Day One - 29 dogs (unofficial)
1.Ian Zoerb and Peg
2. Milton Scott and Ben
3. Ian Zoerb and Freckles
4. Jennifer Glen and Lad
5. Scott Glen and Maid
6. Milton Scott and Moss
7. George Stambulic and Gyp
8. 9. Scott Glen and Drift
Jennifer Glen and Lucy (tie not broken)
10. Grant Musgrove and Sam

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shaunavon Open Results - Day Two

1. Jo Anne Zoerb & Bryn

2.Norm Sommer & Jed

3.Ian Zoerb & Gyp

4.Jo Anne Zoerb & Mik

5.Peter Gonnet & Taff

6.IanZoerb & Sam

7.Randy Dye & Sweep

8.Dale Montgomery & Ben

9.Milton Scott & Ben

10.Dale Montgomery & Jill

Shaunavon Trial Day Two

The second day started out cool but you could feel the heat coming. The first class was Pro-Novice. Tuque gave her usual good outrun and came in deep behind the sheep. Yesterday I didn't want to stop her on her lift because I wasn't sure if she'd lift the very heavy sheep. She had proved that to be no problem so I decided that today we would make sure we had enough control to practice the stop at the end of her outrun. She did it beautifully but still lifted a little rough. I decided to enforce a pace instead of worrying about her line since we were not trying to win this trial but rather get her ready for the Nationals. We missed the fetch panels but for the greater good since she slowed her pace and allowed me to use less stops. Her speed was helpful around the post since the pull to the exhaust had become very strong.

Tuque turning the post
Our line to the first drive panel was off but we didn't have any of the back and forth weaving that we had to do the day before to line them out. They did line out but pushed hard to the left and got ahead of us just enough that we couldn't get them exactly on line. Tuque again felt the pressure of the panels and took a wrong flank but we sorted it out and still made it through. We took the crossdrive more carefully and I was able to keep her taking the right flanks all the way through the crossdrive panels. She took the turn flank tighter than I wanted (something to work on) but didn't cause too much damage. The third leg of the drive was to the shedding ring where the judge had asked us to settle the sheep and then bring them into the pen. The sheep took off running through the ring and towards the exhaust. Tuque took a wrong flank to stop them and I made her take the right one. Unfortunately this made her have to run as fast as possible to catch them before they left the field. When she got behind them I gave her a hard stop and she took it. The well meaning farm owner raced off on his quad to stop the sheep or exhaust them, I don't know, but he stopped right behind Tuque who was behind me about 30 yrds. I turned to face her and noticed the wind was in my face. I whistled to her to walk up but with the quad motor and the breeze going the wrong way, she couldn't hear me. I was afraid that the sheep were going to get around her because they were really leaning on her. The last thing she had heard was a hard stop so she stayed put. Fortunately,on my 3rd whistle she heard me and brought the sheep to the pen. We had a little struggle with them but she did a good job and got them in.

Tuque and I penning
It wasn't the best score in the world a 58, and she was a little bit pushier than the day before but she did alot of things well and I was happy with her. We know what we have to work on and we'll try to improve before next weekend's trial.
Louanne and Isla had a much better run in the Pro-Novice this time around and even without a pen and many stops on their outrun, they managed to pull off a 4th place.
By the time Hemp ran the heat had come up.

Notice the heat waves in the distance behind Hemp
Hemp made all his panels and was still working really well but it just didn't go in our favor. His shed was quick and good and we got to the pen but weren't able to finish it.

Hemp setting up the shed
His flanks were good and I didn't have to warn him about them so they were faster but his stops were not good enough. He would take an extra step and that would mess it up the pen. I was watching him in the heat and he seemed to be doing ok so I kept at it until he decided that he'd had enough of the lead sheep and cut her out. I was mad at him then because it is becoming a habit for him to ignore a sheep he doesn't like so I dropped the rope and made him get around her and then retired. He was still working better than he ever has so I wasn't all that upset.
Lad's run was ultimately a retire also. He was so good and worked his butt off for me. He didn't have any of the troubles of flanking on the sheep that he did the day before but he had a lead sheep that took him out of it. Around the course he showed her who was boss and even gave a good shed but at the pen she continuously left the group to jump over my rope. Lad listened and when I told him to go wide behind the pen to bring her back but not disturb the other 3 in the mouth, he did it. He also had to run around that pen several times and every time took his flank the way I asked and with plenty of energy so I was pleased that he was tolerating the heat too. Finally, we had 3 minutes left and I could see she wasn't going in. Lad had been so good and I didn't want to punish him by making him continuously regather her so I called him off and told him what a good boy he was.
It was a very difficult trial because of the sheep but an enjoyable one. I was proud of the dogs for giving it their all and in the end, the handlers that were doing the best were the ones who had the most experience with good dogs. Just what should win. I will get the open placings up when they are sent to me this week. I left before it was finished but I would be surprised if anyone beat Jo Anne Zoerb and her seasoned Brynn who is having a good year. They were in the lead with a 92.

Pro-Novice (unofficial) 17 dogs
1. Dale Montgomery and Jill
2. Peter Gonnet and Taff
3. Dale Montgomery and Ben
4. Louanne Twa and Isla
5. Peter Gonnet and Meg
6. Jennifer Glen and Tuque