Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadian Open Day one

They plan to run 19 dogs in the Open class tonight. However, at 5:30PM they were still only on the third dog. Maid ran second. It wasn't the greatest run. She had a good outrun but was a little fast on the fetch and in this heat, you can't do that.

Maid on the fetch
I did see dogs treat sheep worse in the nursery and it didn't matter but it came back to haunt Maid. On the turn around the post she had a sheep start facing her.

A ewe facing Maid at the post
Scott kept her calm and she walked forward carefully without losing her temper but it slowed things down alot. They made the drive panels but missed the crossdrive panels. Unfortunately, we have a pen and then a shed and with only 8 pens out of 54 runs in the nursery, there may not be many pens. Scott and Maid ran out of time (10 minutes) at the pen.

Maid keeping her cool at the pen with sheep facing her
Hemp is supposed to run 18th. I'm not sure how dark it will be then. They have claimed they will run to 8:30PM. The good news is, it will be cool so I can really push on him. I may not be able to see what he is doing but he'll do it in the cool of the evening.

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