Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Away To Me - Trailer and DVD

It's almost ready!
Away To Me, the documentary about sheepdog trialing is about 10 days away from being ready to purchase.
I saw this movie at a screening in August and really enjoyed it - read my review HERE.
The DVD's are going to be only $19.95 USD plus shipping and handling.
They have included bonus material of Bill Berhow's full winning run with commentary by Bill and the judge, Bob Washer.
The website is in the middle of a makeover for the next two days but check it out at
www.sheepdogmovie.com and drop in at their facebook page for more information.

Trailer.mov from Andrew Hadra on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why You Need To Buy The 2012 National Finals DVD

The DVDs of the 2012 National Finals are now for sale. This year they have a few different choices.  You can order your individual runs, just the semis, just the finals or the whole thing.  The prelim runs were taped by Geri Byrne and the semis and finals are the same as the web cast, minus the interviews.
We just put our order in.  I've said before that I think broadcasting and, in turn, producing dvds of the Nationals is a very important thing.  First off, it is a way to preserve our breed.  The finals always used to be video taped by Rural Route Video's, Martin Penfold, who also went across the pond and video taped the Internationals.  After I got Laddie, I was able to buy the 1994 International and see his grandfather take reserve champion.  I also saw Johnny Wilson's Spot win it and was able to see the striking resemblance to several of his great grandpups that Scott had trained.  He is also my Hemp's great, great grandfather.  I wish someone had taped back when Tommy Wilson's Roy was running so I could see Ford's great great grandfather.   Not only is it a neat experience to see these great dogs and compare them to their descendants but I also think it is an invaluable part of preserving the history of our breed.
Rural Route quit filming the year that Scott won the Nationals with Pleat (2004) and I have no visual record of that victory - not even any photographs but I love the fact that I will have a copy of June's semi finals win this year at 3 years old.
The other thing I like about the taping of the finals is so that I (ie Scott) can critique my run.  Usually, when someone offers to tape my runs it is a curse.  The run ends up being so bad that there is nothing to learn from it.  A crossover, a grip or just plain old never getting to the sheep.  People ask if I want to see what they taped and I say, "NO.  Why do I want to relive that 30 seconds of torture?"  This year, my semi finals wasn't good, but had things I could learn from and I really want to see it again. I thought it was Laddie's fault.  Scott had a different opinion.  It's important for my growth as a handler to find out exactly what happened.  I learned so much by Scott going over my Carbondale run last year.  I think it made a huge difference in how I handle the Western sheep now.
I am lucky to get to go to the finals every year.  I get to see the other handlers and dogs and have my own opinion on what I like.  If I was at home, I would consider the webcast a great way to help me choose a dog I might breed to or buy a pup out of, and help me choose a clinician based on how they handle their dogs and how their dogs respond.
The general consensus with the webcast was that people wanted it to be free.  The USBCHA helped fund this year's "free" webcast so we could all enjoy it.  Part of how they are going to recoup that money will be based on how many dvds they sell.  It will also be a major factor in their decision to film it again next year.  I urge you to support them and buy a dvd of this year's finals. (a good Christmas gift!)  Put it on your shelf.  You never know when you might want to see those dogs again.
To order, go HERE!