Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadians - Nursery Run: 1

We are finished with the first nursery class and have already started on the second one. Our judge for the Nursery is Dennis Gellings - last year's first and second at the Meeker Classic. He has a good view of the field from his perch on a covered wagon.

Judge Dennis Gellings on the covered wagon judges stand
The morning started cold enough for long johns but about an hour and a half ago it got hot. Real hot and it will probably start to affect the sheep. I would imagine the chasing done this morning will not be tolerated by the sheep this afternoon. Scott ran 11th and had a nice run with Don. Easy enough outrun with the sheep being set just up the hill at about 275 yrds on horseback.

Scott and Don waiting for their sheep to be set
His fetch was on until shortly before the panels. Scott got him set right and got them but it was a little wobbly.

Don on the fetch
He made all his drive panels but the crossdrive is hard to see and so he had to move about in front of it to find the depth. He didn't get his pen but got a 72.
Scott and Don at the difficult pen
There have been less than 3 pens this morning. First place Bev Lambert and Esther got one and got a 75. Ian Zoerb also got one but only had a 69.

Nursery: Round One (27 dogs)
1. Bev Lambert and Esther
2. Scott Glen and Don
3. Peter Gonnet and Taff
4.5.6. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
Amanda Milliken and Monty
Amanda Milliken and Roz (tie not broken)
7.8. Kate Broadbent and Salt
Gayle Cochlan and Lea (tie not broken)
9. Ken Price and Bud
10. Thad Buckler and Nic

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