Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delta Bluez Rainey

Diane Pagel's Rainey
Diane Pagel's Delta Bluez Rainey is another one of Scott's nursery dogs this year. She was bred by Diane and is out of her Tess. Tess was one of the earliest dogs to get a ROM with the ABCA. As a nursery dog, Scott handled her to a 6th place finish on the difficult national nursery course at Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2001.

Rainey works sheep on our prairie farm
Rainey's father is a dog named Scott who was working as a cattle dog on the Coldstream Ranch in BC when Diane bought him. He is a grandson of Bobby Dalziel's Wisp. Scott is now owned by Janet Thorpe and at 10 years old is doing a good job of teaching his new owner how to be a good stockdog handler.
Rainey's first trial will be at the Kentucky Bluegrass.

Rainey fetching sheep

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


And Now For Something Completely Different...

Sheri Purcell's Scout
Scout, owned by Sheri Purcell of Ontario is a female black and tan kelpie. Sheri has a history of owning nice dogs. She was the first owner of Alta-Pete Penny (border collie) , who is now owned by Marianna Schreeder and is a multiple USBCHA open trial winner. Sheri's first kelpie, Wylie, (Scout's mother) is also a very nice bitch who has beaten border collies in competition and has proven to be a very useful dog. Wylie, also trained by Scott, is out of the famous Ledgerock kelpie kennels who's dogs are closely related to and hand picked by Chris Stapelton, a multiple National kelpie champion in Australia.

Scout gathering sheep at Alta-Pete Farm
Scout's father, Toby, was also a successful trial dog, with Andrea DeKennedy of Ontario, winning a USBCHA Open Ranch trial at Fosterfields and placing 5th in Open Ranch at the Bluegrass. He also won multiple AHBA trials and achieved his AHBA championship before being sold to Gina MacDonald. Toby's dam was bred by Jan Wesen from Australian lines and she competed in USBCHA Open trials in Oregon. Toby's father is CLK Crow, who was also very competitive.

Scout has alot of the style of her father and the sensibility of her mother. Scott will be trialing her in Nursery classes this year and her first time to the post will be in April at the Plumb Lucky trial in Missouri.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hepnner St. Patrick's Day Trial - third report

Donnie's run held up yesterday so he has won his first open trial on his first time to the post! The last 4 runs of the first trial didn't upset any of the other scores so what I reported yesterday stayed the same.
Scott said the weather today was beautiful. Sunny but not too hot to run dogs. He was pleased with both of his dogs today but he didn't score as well as yesterday. Donnie got a 79 and Scott said he looked his age (barely 3) and needed some more seasoning. They missed the drive gates and had a wide last leg but what hurt him the most was no pen which apparently was a handler error
Maid was much better today and scored an 84 with no pen so she was able to redeem herself from yesterday.
Scott has a long haul tonight to get to Washington for a clinic so he was unable to stay until the end but said that Karen Child and Rock had a 96 and were leading. With their 86 from the day before, it looks like she will have the overall wrapped up too since the other contenders didn't have as good of runs today as they did yesterday.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heppner St. Patrick's Day Trial - second report

The first day's trial is not over - they ran out of daylight and have 4 more dogs to run tomorrow so my information is still unofficial but I can give you what I have. I am proud to say that Scott's luck has improved and Donnie is sitting in first with a 92! This is Don's first open run and I'm happy to say he is showing good stuff. Scott said it was not an easy run and described the sheep as "pushing rope" because one wanted to run and the other two wanted to graze. Obviously they got it done anyway. In second is still Lavon Calzacorta with his 89 and behind him is Diane Deal with Angie with an 88. There were three with 87s - Lynn Johnson, Elizabeth Baker and her tried and true Rye and Anne MocK with Taff. After that there was a cluster of those with an 86 : Francis Chai and Belle (this dog was in open when my Bob was just a pup so she's got to be at the very least 12 and could be much older!), Norm Close and Gwen (with two missed gates! It must have been a nice run, way to go Norm!) Patrick Shannahan with Riggs and Karen Child with Rock. Pearse Ward had an 85. A couple of honorable mentions: Vickie Close got an 83 with Gail and a 77 with Hanna - good job! and Sandy Johnson with her young/new dog Dusty got a 77.
The last four to run for the first day's trial are, Karen Stanley and Meg, Sue Wessles and Ajax, Laura Vishoot and Ripley, and Francis Chai and Chime. I will let you know how it all plays out when Scott reports in tomorrow.

Heppner St. Patricks Day Trial 2010 - first report

Scott's trial season has started! But I'm afraid the first run of the year hasn't been so hot -hopefully it's not a sign of things to come!
The weather at Heppner started a little cold and rainy and the wind is in your face but Scott said the dogs are hearing so it's ok, and the sun has started to peak out.
His run with Maid didn't go anywhere. The sheep were getting grumpier as the day progressed and maybe that has to do with the wind. Scott thought he had a plan to keep her off the sheep on the lift. It seemed to work well for others but it didn't go that way for Maid. She lifted them off the hay and had them moving when Scott stopped her to give them some room to move. It was the wrong thing to do and the sheep tried to go back to the hay by pushing on Maid. Long story short, Maid ate one and Scott retired.
Hopefully Don's run will go better this evening.
As of 2PM Pacific time the leader was Lavon Calzacorta (with Tess I believe) with an 89. Lynn Johson (with Jessie I think) and Elizabeth Baker with Rye were tied for second and third with an 87. Diane Deal (and Zorro maybe?) and Patricia Peterson with Jen were both tied with an 81 and Joe Haines and Rain had an 80. He also said that Ken Johnson with our old Drift had a great run but gripped out at the pen. (better luck tomorrow, Ken!) While he was giving me his report, he said that Pearse Ward and Riell had just had a nice one but he didn't have a score on him yet.
His next report will probably not be until tonight but I will post what I hear.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Roxy is a dog we were very excited to have the chance to purchase.

Her mother was Alta-Pete Tala. Tala was the USBCHA National Reserve Champion in 2004 the same year her brother Pleat was the National Champion.

Roxy's dam, Alta-Pete Tala - photo by Vickie Close
Tala, Pleat and Maid and Hemp's mother, Meg, were out of a cross of Scott's Dan and Kelly that produced winning pups. Tala was also a two time Reserve Champion of Canada.
Although Scott had bred, trained, and trialed her, Tala was not owned by him and was sold to Montana after the nationals. She was never bred until late in life and produced only one puppy, Roxy. Roxy's father was Joy Crawford's Davey who had been imported from Scotland for her by Johnny Wilson. Roxy was sold to Thad Buckler from Northern Alberta and he got her started in her training.

Roxy working at Alta-Pete Farm
Last year, Scott purchased Roxy and continued her training and it is hoped that she will follow in her mother's footsteps. She has some of Tala's nicest traits, including her pace.
Scott will be trialing Roxy in Open Ranch/Adv. Pro Novice this year and her first trial will be at the Plumb Lucky trial in April.