Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Canadian Championships

We have arrived in Okotoks at the Bar Pipe ranch, the 2009 home of the Canadian Championships. We got a great swag bag with nice ball caps for all the handlers and Rollover for the dogs! They are going to have a long day tomorrow. They are starting with the Nursery and running both runs and then they are going to try to run through number 30 in the open. That means Scott will be running Donnie in the nursery and Maid in the open. I'll likely be running Hemp tomorrow too. There are 74 dogs entered in open and each dog goes twice for a combined score to get to the double lift so they need to get started. The weather is predicted to be fairly warm so a morning draw should be nice. These are the same sheep we had for the Madden trial but they have done some culling so hopefully they will be even for all the runs. It's a neat looking field with a flat drive but the sheep will be set on a pretty steep hill for the outrun for both classes. I'll get some pictures tomorrow. Our judge is Roddy MacDiarmid from Scotland and we have handlers here from Washington, Idaho, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.


Monique said...

Wishing you all the very best of luck!

Sarah said...

Good luck to you guys!!!!!!!!

(don't forget the bug spray)