Friday, August 28, 2009

Canadian Open First Round - Update 2

Scott and Drift were out in the coolness this morning when the light was beautiful and the sheep were still happy.

Drift on the fetch
He had a great outrun but had some difficulty on his lift. The sheep had decided they were going to walk back up the hill and they didn't care if there was a dog or not. I'm not sure if Drift made contact with them but he had to jump at them for a grip to get them moving. After that the ewe was broke and walked around the course docile as a, well, as a lamb.

Drift and Scott turning the post
They made all their panels and got the pen and a nice shed. His final score was an 83 and at this point he is in the lead with Amanda Milliken and Clive in second place with an 80.

Drift is in the lead!
Laddie didn't have a good run. It started with his outrun. He must have spotted something off to my right and got wider and wider until he decided he was lost. It took multiple redirects and lots of time to get him to the sheep. He had a good lift and was good around the course but we didn't get the pen. Wouldn't you know it, we ran out of time just as they were going in.
We will start the second round in a couple of hours. Maid will run for sure and Hemp will be on the bubble. Either way, he'll get to run in the cool again. I will get the top 10 first round posted later tonight.

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