Friday, April 30, 2010

Shaker Village '10 - Day One

Today's weather was beautiful but we have been told to batten down the hatches for tomorrow! We always enjoy Shaker, however the outrun and sheep are difficult for our young dogs. The outrun is a up a quite dramatic bowl/hill and the sheep like to take off as soon as the dog makes contact. Our dogs had it rough today but they had alot of company. I had a hard time getting a top 10 in each class. Most of the time it was the outrun that caused the difficulty. Any of Scott's dogs that got a score had alot of points off on the outrun but had really nice fetches and drives. Peg and Scout didn't run. Scott thought they were not ready for this trial.
Roxy did very nice in the Ranch trial where most of her points were lost on the outrun.

Roxy on the fetch
She made all of her panels and controlled the sheep well. She and Scott also got their pen.

Scott and Roxy at the pen
Their final score was only a 50 put it put them in 4th place.
Kuro almost had his leg again in the second Nursery but just missed it (outrun problems again), getting a 4th again.
Sweep/Jr. did the same thing. His outrun was difficult but the rest of the course was pretty nice and he got his pen.

Jr. catching up to his sheep on the fetch
He finished with a 46 in 8th place.
Both Rainey and Sava didn't find their sheep today.

Nursery 1 - 18 dogs
1. Vergil Holland and Trim - 70
2. Bruce Fogt and Cam - 65
3. George Rodgerson and Sam - 59
4. Vergil Holland and Scott -53
5. Paul Tucker and Tyne -46

Nursery 2
- 15 dogs
1. Paul Tucker and Tyne - 69
2. Bruce Fogt and Cam -64
3. John Gross and Cruz 63
4. Scott Glen and Kuro - 61
5. Robin French and Bill - 58
6. Pam Gardner and Meg - 58
7. George Rodgerson and Sam - 52
8. Scott Glen and Sweep - 46
9. Linda Fogt and Vic - 35
10. Colleen Croxall and Grady -32

- 19 dogs
1. Paul Tucker and Tyne -78
2. Maureen Robinson and Bender -73
3. Vergil Holland and Trim - 72
4. Denise Teal and Jesse - 64
5. Dal Krazter and Whiskey - 62
6. Robin French and Dot - 53
7. John Gross and Calli - 48
8. Colleen Croxall and Grady - 41
9. Priscilla Walker and Gael - 33

- 20 dogs
1. Bob Washer and Spain -64
2. Vergil Holland and Scott - 64
3. Ann Lamar and Ty - 55
4. Scott Glen and Roxy -50
5. Pam Gardner and Meg -42
6. Kathy Kawalec and Sue - 35
7. Kathy Kawalec and Luc - 33
8. Dal Karatzer and Shane - 33
9. Linda Fogt and Val - 28
10. Jeni Hilscher and Britta -20

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Trial

We have arrived at Pleasant Hill, Shakertown in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Tomorrow, the Shaker Village trial starts. I love this trial. Not only is it put on by good people (Leigh Ann and Paul Tucker) and the area is beautiful, but it is full of historical buildings that I can tour. We have a perfect parking spot (it's the little things you have to appreciate when you are on the road as long as us!) that is private behind some barns and on gravel so that the expected rains on Saturday and Sunday won't bog our truck down. The puppies are in their x-pen next to us, under the shelter of a dairy shedrow so they will be able to play the weekend away while it rains, and there is plenty of room to run the dogs.
Scott's clinic at Kate Ash and Dal Kratzer's seemed to be well received this past week and we got some training in on the trial dogs. I also got some beginning round pen work on my two nursery dogs for next year, Dave and Syn.
Yesterday we met up with Heather Russell and Kelly Murningham who treated us to a perfect sunny, but not too warm, day of training on a local farmer's field. Heather brought her horse and she and Kelly traded setting out for us so we could get our young dogs exposed to a pony up at the top.

Kelly and her dog Molly head out to hold sheep for us
We attracted a few locals who came out to enjoy the scenery and watch the trial dogs go through their paces.

Scott and Diane Pagel's Sava get ready to outrun
Tomorrow we have the under classes and due to some cancellations we were able to add a few more dogs to the running order. Peg, Rainey and Scout (who will make her debut) will get to run in one of the nursery classes. Sava and Roxy will run in the Adv. Pro Novice and Sweep/Jr. and Kuro will run in the other nursery classes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Four

Yesterday, the last day of Plumb Lucky, was another beautiful day. Such a nice farm and wonderful people put this trial on that it was good to see them have mild weather to go along with the great trial. The wind came up again in the afternoon but it's not that there was no hearing, the dogs just had to be more careful and listen. Hemp tried very hard to listen and was working well but sometimes he'd have great short flanks and then I'd ask for a big flank and he'd over run it a little. I don't think he was being disobedient because he was trying really hard to be good. I'm happy with him. We again missed the crossdrive gate but had a great pen and I was so proud of his shed. We had a good cut and there is no hesitation in him about coming in and holding and it boosts my confidence to know he'll always come in. We ended up with an 87 AND got his first 6 USBCHA points of the year! I'm really happy with him.
Maid definitely had some difficulty with the hearing but stuck with it and Scott used it as a training opportunity to square out her flanks on the shed.
Scott had a great run with Donnie.

Don on the fetch
Really nice around the course but when he missed the crossdrive gates he knew he wouldn't win so he trained on him at the pen and shed instead.

Scott and Don at the pen
He finished with an 83 and was in 14th place.
Nursery was rough again. Scott said he was again happy with Kuro and Sweep but the sheep running for the barn was just too difficult at this point in their training. They worked hard and learned alot and should be ready for the next trial.

Sweep catching running sheep
Sava and Scott did well in the Open Ranch. She had a big improvement over the day before. She had a reasonable outrun but the sheep ran for the barn again and the fetch gates were missed. Other than that she had a 73 and was fifth. Scott really liked my Megan in this class. He still retired her early but he said the she didn't get pushed around on the fetch which he liked. She had some trouble on the drive away so he retired before she learned any bad habits.
Scott was very pleased with the Ranch dogs, Badger and Kyzer. Badger really shined and took first place!!! Kyzer wasn't far behind and was third!
Many thanks again to the Fleming family, Thad, Kelly Whitney and Wyatt. Additional thanks to Deb and John Cleveland who do all the paperwork and help keep the trial running smoothly.
We are off to Michigan for a week of training on our own dogs and Scott has a clinic. We will get to Shaker Village at the end of next week.

Open 3
1. Alasdair MacRae and Star 95
2. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 94
3. Stephanie Goaracke and Liz 94
4. Kathy Knox and Sal 94
5. Vergil Holland and Dally 93
6. Mariana and Penny 93 (a daughter of Scott's Pleat!)
7. Tricia MacRae and Cap 91
8. Chuck Dimit and Luke 88
9. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 87
10. Nancy Duley and Ben 86

Nursery 4

1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 86
2. Stephanie Goaracke and Gwynn 85
3. Vicki Kidd and Macy 85
4. Vergil Holland and Scott 81
5. Don Russell and Molly 81
6. Tricia MacRae and Tess 80
7. Paul Tucker and Tyne 77
8. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 77
9. Chuck Dimit and Cole 76
10. Ron Enzeroth and Jake 74

Open Ranch 2
1. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 82
2. Linda Meyer and Faith 82
3. Don Russell and Molly 82
4. Catherine Laria and Rae 79
5. Scott Glen and Sava 73
6. Mike Schragel and Jake 73
7. Orville Maxwell and Elva 70
8. Steve Kunkle and Dollar 70
9. Robin Reasoner and Hawke 69
10. Lise Anderson and Mack 58

Ranch 2

1. Scott Glen and Badger 71
2. Vergil Holland and Trim 70
3. Scott Glen and Kyzer 68
4. Lyle Lad and Billy 68
5. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 67
6. Chuck Dimit and Cole 65
7. Nancy Duley and Jock 59
8. Susan Abrams and Kacee 58
9. Caryn Miller and Tess 57
10. Marianna Schreeder and Soot 54

Novice 2
1. Sam Smith and Pip 57
2. Terry Wright and Witt 43
3. Whitney Fleming and TJ 37

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Three

Sorry I didn't have an update for you sooner. It's been bad service for me here and I'm doing what I can. The weather has been nice and maybe a a little warm for our Canadian dogs but they are adapting well. The sheep are getting tired of this and just want to go back to the barn so it is getting difficult. The best time to run is in the morning when there is no wind.
Scott did well with his open dogs. He is making that very hard crossdrive on a regular basis which I can't seem to do. Both Maid and Don got an 89.

Lad had a decent run for his third go but it was a pen then shed this time and we didn't get either. Lad is difficult to shed with because you can't have him too far away or he won't come in fast enough to keep the sheep apart and you need to have a big hole.
I was pleased with Hemp and we were doing well but the hearing was difficult. He got a nice shed but the single ran all the way up the field when we tried to bring the two back to the one. The two were running fast away too so we didn't know which to go for. Everyone seemed to think there was no right answer for that one. Anyway, we had to retire since our single was all the way at set out (about 400 yrds away) before we could do anything about it.
Both Kuro and Jr. had really improved in the Nursery and Scott was pleased with them but they just didn't get the draws to be competitive.

Jr. missed getting his first nursery leg by only 1 point. In Open-Ranch Scott ran my Meg who didn't open her flanks up but couldn't really do that or she'd be pushed off the field. He retired her but wasn't displeased with her for her first trial (and he's only worked her about 8 times before I turned her over to him). Roxy did ok but not good enough to place and Sava had to retire even though she had a nice outrun because her sheep raced down the field and beat her to the exhaust.

Sava trying to catch her sheep
In Ranch, both Badger and Kyzer did well but didn't have good enough sheep.

Open 2
1. Ron Burky and Hank 92
2. Alasdair MacRae and Star 91
3. Vergil Holland and Dally 90
4. Scott Glen and Don 89
5. Scott Glen and Maid 89
6. Stephanie Goracke and Nina 89
7. Kathy Knox and Sal 85
8. Mariana Schreeder and Penny 85
9. Tricia MacRae and Max 84
10. Allen hicken bottom and Meg 84

Nursery 3
1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 85
2. Alan Hickenbottom and Molly 84

3. Stephanie Goracke and Gwynn 82 (I really like this dog)
4. Paul Tucker and Tyne 79
5. Vergil Holland and Trim 76
6. Marianna Schreeder and Soot 74
7. Viki Kidd and Macy 73
8. Scott Glen and Sweep 73
9. Lyle Lad and Billy 65
10. Catherine Laria and Rae 64

Open Ranch 1
1. Catherine Laria and Rae 81
2. Linda Myer and Gnat 79
3. Vergil Holland and Scott 77
4. Don Russell and Molly 74 (this is a littermate to Jr.)
5. Stephanie Goracke and Gwenn 73
6. Linda Meyer and Faith 73
7. John Wentz and Faye 68
8. Robin Reasoner and Hawke 66
9. Steve Kunkle and Dollar 63
10. Alasdair MacRae and Coll

Ranch 1
1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 87
2. Tricia MacRae and Tess 85
3. Paul Tucker and Tyne 85
4. Vergil Holland and Trim 84
5. Susan Abrams and Kacee 78
6. Chuck Dimit and Cole 75
7. Lyle Lad and Billy 75
8. Robin Reasoner and Jan 74
9. Lyle Lad and Nick 73
10. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 68

Novice 1
1. Sam Smith and Pip 44
2. Judy Parker and Blythe 35
3. Whitney Flemming and TJ 26

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Nursery 2

Nursery 2
1. Catherine Laria and Rae 83
2. Alan Hickenbottom and Molly 83
3. Stephanie Gorake and Gwynn 81
4. Tricia MacRae and Tess 79
5. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 79
6. Lyle Lad and Billy 77
7. Scott Glen and Kuro 76
8. Ron Enzeroth and Jake 75
9. Paul Tucker and Tyne 74
10. Lyle Lad and Nick 71

Friday, April 16, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Two

Today has been a much better day. There were improvements on the nursery dogs and the open dogs performed well.
Maid ran very well today. She missed one panel but it didn't hurt her too much and she got her pen and shed. She finished up with a 91! It gives her about 30 USBCHA points total.
Laddie ran well in his first run today (they started the second open class late in the day so he ran again in the afternoon). He needed some help on his outrun - what else is new? but after that he performed very well. We almost missed the drive panels because I turned short but we had time to fix it without much damage. We did miss the crossdrive panels which are hard to hit but had a perfect pen and actually got the shed - barely. I took a risk and called him in on a tight one and he flanked behind me and they called shed only a half second before he gripped (well, Lad never really grips but he makes it look like one so we get called anyway) Fortunately, the judge (Bob Washer) only pulled one point for that. We got an 85 which got us about 10 USBCHA points to add to the 6 we all ready had.
His second run was better for him, worse for me. I turned short on the drive panel again but this time I missed it and had to re attempt. Everyone said my lines were good but it just got messy after that with me missing the crossdrive panel and this time the shed-pen held me up and I ran out of time on the shed. Fortunately w have one more time to try it again before the weekend is done.
On the nursery field, Kuro was much improved and almost got a leg but missed a panel and just missed the cut. Jr. was a thousand times better, and although only a 55 we were happy with the improvement. Scott also ran Doug Brewer's Peg. It was her first time to the post and she got lost on the outrun. When she found them she crossed over and then split them and Scott retired. She will get another chance tomorrow to try again.
Rainey also ran today.

Scott and Rainey wait for sheep to be set
She had difficulty on her outrun and needed several redirects (the outrun is up a hill so it takes some practice for the dogs to get it) she then had sheep run fast down the hill and she didn't catch them until after they passed the post.

Rainey starting her drive
There was alot of trouble getting them to the drive panels so Scott retired her. She'll get a little more training when we practice some more in Michigan next week.
I haven't gotten the final results for the second nursery yet - I will post them later.

Open 1

1. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 95
2. Tricia MacRae and Max 92
3. Scott Glen and Maid 91
4. Tricia MacRae and Cap 91
5. Vergil Holland and Brook 87
6. Jennifer Glen and Lad 85
7. Alasdair MacRae and Star 84
8. Mike Gorake and Pard 83
9. Allen Hickenbottom and Vick 83
10. Paul Tucker and Rick 82

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day One

It is so beautiful here at the home of Thad and Kelly Flemming in Leeton Misourri. The grass is green and the sun is shining. It's hard to believe that only a few weeks ago they were thinking of cancelling because the field was too wet. It is quite dry today but we are expecting a rain storm tonight and tomorrow AM so I expect that to change.
They ran one nursery class today and about 21 open dogs. We had a so so day. Kuro ran second in the nursery class and wasn't bad for his first time to the post. He ran out to the left nicely but then started to cut in at about 11 'o clock. Scott shouted him out and he corrected himself but these sheep really wanted to run and didn't need much of an excuse to run hell bent for leather to the barn.

Kuro starting the fetch
They missed the fetch panels but shortly after, got it under control. Around the post and almost made the drive away panels but Kuro misunderstood Scott's commands and tried to return to him causing the miss. The sheep started running again to the barn on our left on the cross drive and Kuro did a nice job of keeping them around the line and made the cross drive panels.

Kuro stopping a ewe breaking for the barn
His line to the pen was difficult while the sheep kept pulling on the draw but they made the pen. All in all he didn't do a bad job and considering he had never felt a draw like that before, he adjusted quite well.

Kuro on the way to the pen
Jr. ran later in the class and I missed it since I was running soon on the open field but Scott said it didn't go well at all so he retired him. If Sweep doesn't do well tomorrow, he'll scratch him from the other classes and run another dog in his spot. He can work on him next week while we are in Michigan between trials.
The open field is a nice one. They are setting on horseback and most people are sending left. They are running two ewes and a lamb and there is usually one mildly difficult sheep in each group. I sent Hemp to the left and he had a good outrun. He slowed up a little at the top and I thought he'd pull up short but he corrected it but the sheep had run off to my right. I flanked him over and he caught them and brought them on line, albeit a little fast and made the fetch panels. Nice turn and held his line well on to the right hand drive panels. The sheep pulled hard to the right but he had them and made the panels. Our turn was a little wide so our crossdrive wasn't great and we missed the crossdrive panels high. I gave him an away flank and he took the wrong one and crossed his course. We fixed it and headed for the pen. Unfortunately, I let my guard down a little with him and he sliced and the sheep headed around the pen. We tried a few more times but I realized that the run wasn't going well and retired. I liked some things about his run - he wasn't that hard to handle and I could have let up on my whistles but I was being over protective of the stops. He also handled the heat just fine (we have snow still at home and this is the hottest our dogs have been since September) but I also was disappointed that things I thought were fixed are still there. Not as bad as last year but I have to guard against them and I thought they were gone (taking the wrong flank after a panel, slicing at the pen). We will see how our next run goes and regroup next week in Michigan.
Scott ran Don today. He had to have a rerun since his sheep were let go early and I missed most of his second run because I was cooling down Hemp. It wasn't bad. Scott said the sheep were a little jumpy and he thought he had the drive away panels done but he made a little adjustment and the sheep surprised him by their reaction and got around the panels. He made the crossdrive panels, got his pen and then got the shed which is not easy. They are asking for a single on the head but most people aren't getting it (the lamb is making it difficult). Scott ended up taking the lamb on the butt so it won't be full points but it was getting hot for Don so he got what he could. His score was a 75.
I don't have all the open scores for today yet but after the first 11 dogs Tricia MacRae was in second with Cap and a 91. It was a very nice run. Vergil Holland was right behind with his Brooke (a half sister to Scott's Don) but Alasdair and Nap had a great run and they had a 95. I will try to get the rest of today's scores tonight or tomorrow AM.

Nursery 1 - 22 dogs
1. Alasdair MacRae and Coll 85
2. Lyle East and Bee 72
3. Lyle Lad and Nick 69
4. Tricia MacRae and Tess 69
5. Chuck Dimit and Cole 66 (don't know why but this dog has only 3 legs!)
6. Vergil Holland and Scott 63
7. Stephanie Gorake and Gwynn 62
8. Ron Enzeroth and Jake 59
9. Scott Glen and Kuro 59
10. Catherine Laria and Rae 56 (tie not broken)
10. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 56

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Way to Plumb Lucky

We should be at Thad Flemming's farm tonight and his Plumb Lucky trial starts tomorrow. I hear we are expecting rain but what else is new at this trial! Last year I had horrible computer service and couldn't keep up the blog updates. Hopefully it will have improved this year. If not, I will post the results on Monday. The dogs have been traveling well. The rest was needed. We had a few young dogs run through their pads in the dry ground back home and Maid and Hemp have strained toes and have been resting instead of keeping tuned up so we'll see how that goes. Lad was doing well but over did it and was lame the other day. He seems to be good now and did some nice outruns at our training trip last week. Hopefully that's a good sign since Hemp and Maid might be full of the beans after their rest and God only knows how they are going to perform!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Late than Never!

I still have a few dogs left to profile (yes, Scott will be a busy boy this trial year) and we leave for our first trial tomorrow! So, I'll put them all in one entry:
Starting with Diane Pagel's Sava.

Diane Pagel's Imp. Sava
Diane imported Sava from Wales as a pup. She is out of AledOwen's Roy (2007 ISDS Supreme Champion and 2008 World Champion) who is a son of his Bob(2002 World Champion 2000 ISDS Supreme Champion). Scott started Sava last winter but it was determined that if she was pushed hard enough to make a nursery dog she would be ruined for her adult years. The caution has paid off and although Sava is going to get her trial feet wet as an Adv. Pro Novice/Open ranch dog this season, she won't need to stay there long before she moves up to open.

The next dog is our XEMeg.

Our XE Meg
Our Meg (originally called Becky but changed to Meg because she reminded us so much of her mother) was bred by Grant Musgrove out of my favorite all time bitch, Alta-Pete Meg. Alta-Pete Meg was a daughter of Scott's Dan and Kelly and a full sister to Pleat (2004 USBCHA National Champion) and Tala (2004 USBCHA Reserve National Champion).

Alta-Pete Meg - mother to XE Meg, my XE Hemp and Scott's XE Maid
XE Meg is a full sister to my Hemp and a half sister to Scott's Maid. We bought our Meg last year off of Grant and I put a month of training on her before we bred her to Scott's Don. This year, Meg and I picked her training back up and she is ready to trial in Open Ranch/Adv. Pronovice. A couple of weeks ago we switched her over to Scott to handle for the spring trial season but I hope to get her back again this summer. She will be trialing at the Plumb Lucky trial and the Hanley's trial.

The next two dogs, Kate Ash's Badger, and Robin Queen's Kyzer share a father. They are both by Dal Kratzer's Imp. Shep.

Dal Kratzer's Imp. Shep - father to Badger and Kyzer - photo by Kate Ash
Kate's Badger is out of Dal's Tib who is the mother to the two time USBCHA National Champion, Star.

Kate Ash's Badger
Dal is already successfully trialing her littermate, Whiskey who was sold to Scott a couple of years ago and then sold back to Dal after last year's Bluegrass. Scott will run Badger at the Plumb Lucky trial and then Kate will take her over and start trialing her herself.

Robin Queen's Kyzer
Robin Queen's Kyzer is also by Shep and out of Kelly Murnigham's Molly. Kyzer is a littermate to Kate's successful Maddie and a half brother to Terry Sheaffer's Mick (both out of Molly) who Scott was USBCHA Reserve Nursery Champion with in 2006.

Scott and Terry Sheaffer's Mick winning the 2006 USBCHA Reserve Nursery Championship- photo by Kate Ash
Scott will also be running Kyzer in Adv. Pro Novice/Open Ranch at Plumb Lucky and then Robin will finish the trial season off with him.