Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stirling Acres Trial - Open and Nursery Day Two

Day Two was overcast, and cool with the same heavy winds that remind us of home.
June ran first in the open and really did well.  She smoothed out today and other than Scott turning the drive away panel just a little short, she had a wonderful run.  Despite that, she scored a 90 and placed 5th.
Hemp was also nice today.  His fetch improved and he held a nice line until his crossdrive.  I expected he would do his normal line once I placed him on it so I looked over to the panels to assess our position on the line and when I looked back, he was wandering around off the line.  It hurt us with the loss of the points and we ended up in 7th place with an 88.
Donnie looked wonderful. There wasn't anything that needed changing with his run, EXCEPT, Scott misjudged the crossdrive panel and missed it high.  The rest of the run was very nice and they scored a 92 and placed 3rd.
Laddie was also good today and had a fetch that was dead on with almost no help from me.  However, on his drive away, I assumed he'd take his usual short flank after we made the panels and I blew him around to start the crossdrive, but I was wrong and he took a big fast one that put them back through the panels.  This hurt very badly and we lost 12 points on the drive, dropping us to 14th place and got an 82.
George Stambulic and Kate (Pleat daughter - Bliss' mother) handily won the class with the high score of 94!
The wind really picked up for the nursery class but it didn't really affect their hearing.  Skippy ran well and placed 3rd, getting his first nursery leg.
Louanne Twa's Gus
Louanne Twa's Gus, a son of Scott's Don was second in the nursery class
 (Don son, Alice littermate) got his first leg with second place and Alice won the class getting her qualifying leg for the Nationals.
Erin had a much better run today and placed 4th, just out of the points, and Scott used the run to help Ben learn how to lift off a stranger and walked up the field to help him.
Diane Pagel's Ben
 Ford was antsy in the blind and charged hard on the fetch, not backing off when I told him.  He had to be told to stop walk, stop flank and had no smoothness. 
Ford on the fetch - photo by Lee Lumb
His drive away and crossdrive were fine but after he made his crossdrive panels, he wouldn't take his comebye flank to bring them back to me.  Some people felt the wind caused him not to hear me but if that was so, he was the only dog of 13 dogs that had that problem.  Because yesterday, he had taken the wrong flank on both drive panels after making them, I believe that he felt an uncomfortable pressure and didn't want to take it.  I finally got him to start the flank but then he pulled out and drove them up the field so I walked off and made him behave.
Many thanks to Lee Lumb and Brian Revel (and Carly) for a great and beautiful trial!
Our host, Lee Lumb and her 14 1/2 year old Shay keep an eye on the trial
 We loved it!

Open II (44 dogs) 
1. George Stambulic and Kate 94
2. Thad Buckler and Nic 93
3. Scott Glen and Don 92
4. Carol Nelson and Zip 92
5. Scott Glen and June 90
6. Lee Lumb and Cass 89
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 88
8. George Stambulic and Nan 87
9. Bob Stephens and Pete 84
10. Charmane Henderson and Reo 83

Overall Open: Scott Glen and Don
Don's overall Open buckle and ribbon donated by the Schweb family.

Nursery II (13 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and Alice
2. Louanne Twa and Gus
3. Scott Glen and Skip

Overall Nursery: Carol Nelson and Tiki

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stirling Acres Trial - Open and Nursery

OK, now that I actually have the name of the trial right (it's IN Coldstream, but AT Stirling Acres), we can talk about the open trial!  Scott and I both decided to send our dogs to the right today into the water.  Donnie was the first of ours to go and charged out well to the right, when he hit the water, his little legs pumped through it and shooed off the geese bathing there.   Not bothered at all, he went to the top, had a good lift and a good fetch.  His drive away was was good but on the crossdrive, even though he was direct and moving them nicely, they split into two and two.  Donnie did an incredible job of working the front two to get through the panel and then getting the back two.  Back and forth, back and forth and only lost 7 on his drive.  Obviously, the shed was easy (although it was one of the few) and then a good pen.  Even with the difficult drive, Donnie placed 4th today.
Because of Donnie's nice geese clearing, Laddie had it easier but he went right into the water and pretty much had to swim/slog through it so that when he got to the top he was exhausted (remember he's out of shape because he was injured all winter).  He felt like an old dog moving around the course.  He needed one blow over the top to get a little deeper - he was a little lost in the water, and he took it nicely and had a good fetch.  A little bobble on the drive away and one of the few really good crossdrives (most people were very low). Unfortunately, I guessed too low on the 3rd leg and lost some points there. In the shedding ring, the tricky sheep got the best of me and I didn't set it up right, getting two missed attempts before getting it and then doing an easy pen. He was 13th place.
June went out to the right and didn't really get bogged down in the moat, but I don't think those nice lesson sheep had ever seen anything with her energy before and they took off like a shot! 
June on the fetch
Her fetch and drive were good despite them but she was hesitant to come in on Scott's running shed and had two missed attempts before getting it done and then putting them in the pen. Still, she finished in 7th place.
I decided to send Hemp left since I didn't need to aggravate his winter injury in the water, and I needed him to save energy since he is in worse shape than Laddie.  He did well on the outrun and lift but surprised me on the fetch by not being straight on his own.  I was hoping he would fix it on his own, since asking him to flank on these touchy sheep was dangerous.  I waited too long for him to fix it and we missed the fetch panels.  Shortly after, we got it nicely under control and had a nice drive with another really good crossdrive.  I had the sheep a little better figured out in the shed,
I call Hemp in on the shed
and of course, Hemp is better at coming in anyway, and he had nothing off with a perfect pen. He placed 16th.
Next was the nursery.  They brought the outrun back in to the pro novice set out and moved in the crossdrive panels but left the long drive away.
Skippy had a great outrun and lift but on the fetch it was becoming obvious that his sheep were going to try to split up like they did with Don.  It got bad on the crossdrive and Skippy didn't understand how to fix it so Scott retired so he could help him.
Skip turns the post
 Ben was next and had a nice outrun but was a little worried about the set out person so Scott retired to help him, but he had a very nice fetch after that.  He'll get some more training with a set out person next week so hopefully his next few trials will go better.
Erin was good at the top but in trying to be good, she was often far off her sheep and concerned about them.  Scott retired with her to help her build her confidence.
Ford and I were next.  All in all, he wasn't bad but he had some mistakes that need work.  He had a good outrun to the left, and came in on a nice lift, but as expected, he was charging them a little too fast so I chewed him out to settle him down and flanked him too late to make the panels.  Once he was at my feet, he had a good drive away with a little bobble in front of the panels but still made them and had a nice turn and start on the crossdrive.  I tried to open his inside flank by asking him to that'll do towards me, but I was in the wrong position, and it caused him to spin instead and after making the crossdrive panels, he took a wrong flank and had to make a very big  turn once I set him straight.  He did a nice job with his pen.  I ran him a little scared today and I vow to settle down and run him bravely tomorrow.
Alice was the star of our kennel and even though the first leg was so obviously already won by Carol Nelson and Tiki, Alice was second best and got second place, getting her first leg towards the nationals!
Alice on the fetch
 Her littermate, Louanne's Gus also looked very good and it's just a matter of time before his confidence is up enough to get his own final's legs.

Open I (44 dogs)
1. Jennifer Macdonell and Deisel 93 (won in a run off)
2. Lee Lumb and Nan 93
3. Carol Nelson and Taff 91
4. Scott Glen and Don 89
5. Chris Hanson and Teak 87
6. Carol Nelson and Zip 87
7. Scott Glen and June 86
8. Lynne Schweb and Dex 86
9. Lee Lumb and Cass 86
10. Thad Buckler and Nick 82

Nursery I (13 dogs)
1. Carol Nelson and Tiki
2. Scott Glen and Alice

Friday, April 26, 2013

Coldstream Trial - Pro Novice

After a long cold winter, Western Canadians wake up from their hibernation to see what their dogs are doing at the Coldstream trial at Lee Lumb's beautiful farm in BC.  It's warm and green and we run on farm flock, hair sheep on a flat field.  The left hand outrun has a draw for the sheep near the top, which caused a few dogs to pull up short, and the right hand outrun has alot of water - ALOT of water that several geese were bathing in and it slogged the dogs down on their path. Today's judging was done by Chris Hanson, and assuming her flight finally gets in tonight (it was canceled at first), tomorrow's runs of Open and Nursery, will be Vicki Kidd.
Because of the large entry (a good problem to have in Western Canada where we rarely fill trials) you could run Pro Novice or Nursery but not both.  Today's Pro Novice had 34 dogs. The sheep were hard to settle at the top so there were alot of free bees on the lifts but after that, the sheep were great. Both of Bliss' runs were nice and Scott was happy with her and she placed 5th in her first run and 7th in her second run. 
Bliss on the fetch
The first round was won by Bliss' littermate, Penny Ohanjanian's Druid, a son of Scott's Don and George Stambulic's Kate (a daughter of Scott's Pleat).

Pro Novice I (34 dogs)
1. Penny Ohanjanian and Druid  83
2. Pam Boring and Bob 83
3. Gord Lazzarotto and Oakley 81
4. Lee Lumb and Rando
5. Scott Glen and Bliss 77
6. Jennifer MacDonnell and Boomer 75
7. , 8. Lee Lumb and Gus 74
          Wayne Roberts and Rex 74
9. Louanne Twa and Craig 71
10., 11. Gord Lazzaroto and Chica 70
             Lynne Schweb and Toss 70

Pro Novice II (34 dogs)
1. Lee Lumb and Gus 86
2. Lynne Schweb and Toss 79
3. Doe Shires and Dottie 78
4. Sue Wessles and Skid 77
5. Louanne Twa and Craig 76
6. Wayne Roberts and Rex 75
7. Scott Glen and Bliss 75
8. Gord Lazzaroto and Oakley 72
9., 10. Doe Shires and Hawk 71
           Pam Boring and Bob 71

Thursday, April 11, 2013

CWS Alice

Scott's second nursery dog this year is, Alice.
CWS Alice owned by Alta-Pete Stockdogs
 Alice was born in November of 2011 so she will actually be nursery next year too.  This year will be a practice year, but she has shown a maturity that might make her competitive.
Her mother is Wendy Schmaltz's Gin (2010 All Around Stockdog) who is a daughter of  Ian Zoerb's tough bitch, Gyp and Denis Nagel's Finn.  Finn was a son of Milton Scott's Sue and Scott's Alta-Pete Dan going back to Scott's original Sweep.
Alice's father is Scott's Don (2011 Canadian Champion, 2010 USBCHA Nursery Champion) who is a son of the three time USBCHA National champion, Star.
We were very excited about this breeding and the first time this cross was done, we got Mikey who we were impressed with enough to get Alice out of the second breeding.
Alice working this Spring at Alta-Pete Farm
There are a few other dogs in this cross from both litters, Wendy's, Kelly and Kye,(the father to my 7 month old pup, Try),  Brian Nelson's, Jake, and Louanne Twa's, Gus, who are also looking good and will be starting in nursery this year.
A dog with an early interest in working is no guarantee of greatness, but it was nice to see that at the mere age of 8 weeks, Alice was not only interested in working sheep, she was balancing them to a handler. 
Alice eying up sheep at 8 weeks old
Her interest only grew and as she started to mature, Scott put more and more time on to her and she absorbed the training like a sponge.
 We are looking forward to watching her develop in her first nursery year and her first trial will be Lee Lumb's Stirling Acres trial in BC, in just a few weeks.