Saturday, August 22, 2009

EID Classic Day Two

Today started out nice and cool - just right in fact, but got very hot in the afternoon with no breeze. Our first class was the Pro-Novice. Scott and Donnie started the day and it was another great run. Donnie didn't miss a step and finished with an 84. Let me end your suspense now and let you know that Don won the class again and got the overall award for the pro-novice. Unfortunately, Tuque didn't get out to her sheep today. She understands how to go up a hill to get her sheep, she just can't comprehend how to go back down a dip and then back up another hill. Scott has some ideas for her and we have a little while before the finals. However, I think the finals will be a flat field and she'll get out there just fine. Shortly after, Sleat and Scott ran.

Sleat with a great turn around the crossdrive panels
She needed one redirect and a little chastisement but after that she ran so nice she got a 74 and a second place!

Sleat in her 2nd place run
She was also 3rd for the overall Pro Novice.
River and I ran next.

River starting out on his fetch
I was again proud of him. He needed two redirects on his outrun but even tho he doesn't like the horse setting out, he got over it and took the flank I asked of him.

River and I turning the post
He made all his panels and had a nice pace. Sometimes it's hard to hold him on the line but he is trying.

River on his drive
We had a nice pen and got a 66 for a score today which put him in 6th place!

Pro-Novice Day Two : 22 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Don
2. Scott Glen and Sleat
3. George Stambulic and Bill
4. Chris Jobe and Fly
5. Bev Lambert and Esther
6. Jennifer Glen and River
7. Peter Gonnet and Meg
8. Lee Lumb and Rex
9. Ian Zoerb and Lexi
10. 11. Gayle Cochlan and Leah
Louane Twa and Rob (tie not broken

We had a wonderful "half time" entertainment in the form of the only handler running in the 4-H class. Wendy and Chris Schmaltz's six year old nephew, Joey and his dog Joy ran a course.

Joey and Joy spotting sheep at the post
Joy is 8 years old and has only lived with Joey for a few months but watching Joy follow her young master around the trial you would swear they had been together for years. With Aunt Wendy coaching from the sidelines this pair stayed calm and had an enjoyable run.

Joey and Joy heading towards the pen
The Open class started in the afternoon. Hemp and I were third to the post and we did our best. We made all our panels and even made the pen! He was a little pushy but working well and after a nice single we got an 81. Scott and Drift ran a little later and had a smooth run without incident and they finished with an 86. Scott then ran Lucy who had a really nice run that was similar to the day before. Her final score was an 83. Maid and Scott then ran another great run. Other than a bobble on the fetch she was really smooth and listening well. She again won the class with an 89 and won the overall for the open too. I ran Lad at the end of the day and even tho it was hot, the sheep were really running, even when you kept the dog off. It made for wide turns and when the sheep passed the pen, I realized there was no chance of him getting into the double lift and I retired before he got too hot chasing sheep around the pen.

Open Day Two: 42 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Lee Lumb and Nan
3. Jennifer L'Arrivee and Spot
4. Scott Glen and Drift
5. Ian Zoerb and Peg
6. 7. Peter Gonnet and Jill
Wendy Schmaltz and Gin (tie not broken)
8. 9. George Stambulic and Kate
Scott Glen and Lucy (tie not broken
10. Bev Lambert and Hemp

They were going to take 12 handlers to the double lift but ended up taking 13 because the last 4 dogs were tied with a 156. The good news is I made it in with Hemp! The bad news is that he drew up first and he is not finished with his turn back training. This is a hard outrun and I was hoping to let him see one of the lifts so I don't expect much but at least it will be over early. Scott made it in with all 3 of his open dogs! He drew up 3rd with Lucy, 5th with Drift, and 8th with Maid.
Double lift competitors: (not in running order)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Ian Zoerb and Peg
3. Bev Lambert and Hemp
4. Peter Gonnet and Jill
5. Jennifer L'Arrivee and Spot
6. Scott Glen and Lucy
7. Lee Lumb and Nan
8. Scott Glen and Drift
9. Bev Lambert and Mirk
10. Stormy Winters and Roy
11. George Stambulic and Kate
12. Corey Perry and Jill
13. Jennifer Glen and Hemp


Monique said...

Best of luck to all of you in the double lift tomorrow!

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Bet says "Yeah Don"