Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadian Open Day one - update

Maid's score was a 61. Bev Lambert and Ian Zoerb are leading it with 77s. Hemp was a 59 but it was a horrible run. With the shadows and light at that time of night, I couldn't see where the dog was alot of the time. It was twilight and still had plenty of light but the shadows were mixing me up. We missed the fetch panels but made both drive panels with bad lines. Hemp and I are running in a different style and he didn't quite do it at the trial - he was trying but isn't quite there yet. We got the difficult pen but not full points, however Hemp really did a good job with it. Then we ran to the shedding ring and very quickly got the shed. Louanne Twa is going to try to get all the scores up later tonight on her blog

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