Friday, August 21, 2009

EID Classic Day One

August 21, 22, &23, 2009 Brooks Alberta: Jo Anne and Ian Zoerb's EID Classic Sheepdog Trial is always a quality trial worth attending, but this year, it is also a great warm up for the Canadian Championship held next week and of course the up coming Soldier Hollow, Meeker and National finals. The angle of the outrun has changed a little bit from the past years but it's still difficult terrain. The dogs can see the sheep, set on horseback, when they leave the post, but go down in some dips and up some hills that can confuse them. The sheep are the same as we had in the One Tree trials - also put on by Jo Anne and Ian but they are much better behaved at this one. I thought they would go round and round the pen as they did in the last trial, but other than sneaking their nose around the corner, they penned pretty easy. Thad Buckler was our judge.
We started the day complaining that it was too cold and ended the day complaining that it was too hot. The wind stayed pretty steady all day blowing from our left on some runs and in our faces on others. There was maybe a little hearing compromised at the drive panel but it seemed that the dogs that wanted to listen, heard just fine.
The open class was first and Stormy Winters and Roy had a very good run, making all his panels and pen. Perhaps the only criticism was when he called his dog in on the shed and it turned first on the wrong sheep but then turned around to the right ones.
Scott and Maid ran 11th and showed us how to do it.

Maid pacing her sheep around the course
She needed one redirect on her outrun and after that, Scott concentrated on keeping her pace instead of having to stop her. She had a good pen and shed and ended up with a 90 point run which remained unbeaten for the rest of the day.

Maid on her winning run
Lad and I ran 17th and had a beautiful run up to the shed. He got a little lost on the outrun but fixed it himself without me having to whistle. His fetch and drive were really nice but he wouldn't come in on the shed. I think we had 3 missed attempts before we finally got it and had one circle around the pen before they went in. He ended up with a 71.
Hemp was clean on his outrun but overran at the top. After that, he was not as precise as I would like but we got through the course, making our panels and getting the shed. He had one turn around the pen and then they went in. His final score was a 75.
Scott ran Drift 35th and had a decent run but some difficulty with one ewe. He got his shed on the first try which was becoming a problem for many people who were expecting their dogs to come in but were surprised when they didn't . Most likely, it caused by the sheep curling around the handler.
The last of our dogs to run was Dian Pagel's Lucy, who was run by Scott at this trial. It was hoped that I would run Lucy at the Nationals, but it doesn't look like she is going to have enough points to go so Scott ran her here since he knows her better than me. Lucy only needed one redirect on her outrun and then got out there and had a nice fetch. She had to grip a challenging ewe on the drive but once that was taken care of, the sheep realized they couldn't push this little red dog around. She had a nice shed and pen and got a 76.

Open Round One: 43 dogs (unofficial)
1. Scott Glen and Maid
2. Correy Perry and Jill
3. Bev Lambert and Hemp
4. George Stambulic and Gyp
5. Stormy Winters and Roy
6. Ian Zoerb and Peg
7.8.9. Bev Lambert and Mirk
Wendy Schmaltz and Fly
Dale Montgomery (ties not broken)
10. Peter Gonnet and Jill

On to the Pro Novice class. Gayle Cochlan and her Leah were up first and no runs got any better after she laid down her 75 point run. The second highest run went to Scott and Don who missed their fetch gate and other than that had a really good run. Tuque and I ran 15th and were running with a handicap. Tuque had tore up the pads of her feet during our practice runs this week and had to wear bandages to the post. She felt good enough when the bandages were put on that I had no hesitation in running her. We have been working on teaching her a "get out" so that when she is confused on her outrun I can help her. She understands how to go up a hill but not down the other side and up the next one so she tried to crossover again. She didn't get much for her outrun, but I got her out there and maybe tomorrow she will remember where she found them. After that she settle down and had a nice controlled fetch and a decent drive but we lost so much time getting her out on the outrun that we ran out of time on the third leg and got no points for the drive. He outrun lift and fetch were a 23. Next to last was Scott and Sleat. Unfortunately, Sleat tried to crossover but Scott stopped her on the line and got her back around the way she came. The judge took 14 for that but other than that, she was still looking pretty good around the course and ended with a 68. River and I ran last and he did a pretty nice job. He needed a few redirects on his outrun but on the whole, he was easier to get out than Tuque. It was our first course completed and I was proud of him. He made all his panels and had a nice pen but his lines were a little off and we ended up with a 58.

Pro-Novice Day One: (22 dogs) unofficial

1. Gayle Cochlan and Leah
2. Scott Glen and Don
3. Chris Jobe and Fly
4. Bev Lambert and Esther
5. Scott Glen and Sleat
6. Lee Lumb and Rex
7.8. Correy Perry and Jill
Peter Gonnet and Meg (tie not broken)
9. Louanne Twa and Rob
10. 11. Abe Marshall and Maid
Jennifer Glen and River (tie not broken)

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