Friday, March 27, 2009

Lacy's Lad

Lad is my main open dog .

Lacy's Lad
I received him as a 7 week old pup and did most of his training, however Scott put the first month and a half on him when he was a year old.
Lad's line on his mother's side is very familiar to me and I have owned more than one dog from that side of his pedigree. His mother, Meg, was bred by Paul Hackett of California and made a name for herself with Tom Lacy, winning more than one open trial. Meg was often in the top 10 in USBCHA points. Now retired, she lives a quiet life with Diana Rollings in Colorado. Karen Lacy (now Thompson) bred Meg to Randy Munford's Vic.

Vic and Randy Munford in Virginia
Vic is an import who once qualified for the Irish National team. His father was Vic Morris' Mac (a son of Butcher's Mac) who was the 1994 English National winner and the Reserve Supreme winner the same year.

Lad's grandfather, Vic Morris' Mac
Laddie is an extremely biddable dog, almost to a fault but as his confidence is building and he is getting to know his job better, he can be trusted more and more to make his own decisions.

Lad at four years old
He had a strong nursery year, winning 8 of his classes including a day at the Bluegrass. He ended that year with a Reserve Nursery Championship in the Canadians and was also voted the most promising Nursery dog at the 2007 USBCHA Nursery Nationals.
Last year was his first year in open and although he was his usual biddable self, his lack of confidence cost him a first round win in the Bluegrass open trial. He often doubts himself on the outrun and lost 12 points that time. He ended up in 10th place in the first round which was very respectable but those lost 12 points would have tied him for first!

Lad training in Tehachapi, California last summer.
Lad just turned 4 this spring and we have been working on his confidence. Hopefully it will show and he will have a stronger second year in open.


Sarah said...

I love that fist photo of him!! He is one handsome dude and a very accomplished Lad :)

manymuddypaws said...

i love laddie...