Monday, October 10, 2011

On Line Sheepdog Training Lessons

There is a new concept in sheepdog training coming down the pike. Lora Withnell was sitting around one winter craving more. More dog time, more sheep time, more clinician time. But the rain, snow, lack of daylight, was keeping her from getting it done. She came up with a novel idea. Why not have clinics on line? So she went to her buddy Geri Byrne and the two of them came up with Little Horse Mountain Productions' Sheep Dog Training Courses.
Instructors have been lined up to do weekly lessons and answer questions from the viewers. Starting at the top, Lora and Geri have picked their first instructor to be Alasdair MacRae. Alasdair has pre filmed several courses for you to learn from. After Alasdair, we are honored to say that Little Horse Mountain Productions picked Scott! We are still in the planning stages for Scott's lessons so if you have a burning issue, feel free to send me an email at and we'll see if it will fit into the curriculum. These courses are not designed to replace lessons or clinics because every dog is different and there is no substitute for one on one help. Lora's dream was to provide more information to those who eat, sleep and breathe sheepherding. Especially in the restrictive winters.
I hope we'll get to interact with many new people when Scott's lessons begin!