Sunday, August 23, 2009

EID Double Lift

We started the double lift at 8AM this morning. Fortunately, the day stayed cool until the last 4 runs. Hemp and I were first up. He's never turned back away from home and is only about 1/2 way trained with his turn back. He has NO idea how to do an international shed. I know I said I'd be more ready for this if I got in again, and Hemp is better than Lad was at the Bluegrass, but Lad is much further along with his international shed since then. No matter. Hemp was the dog in the double lift so we had to give it ago. He found his first sheep easily to my left but argued with me about bringing them at an angle. At one point, I thought I was letting them drift and holding him in a down and in the early morning light I was fooled and they were actually going back up the hill! I figured it out and we were on our way but not exactly at a great diagonal. However, we made the panels and I stopped him to let the sheep drift to the turn back post. I had hoped to break the the pull on them but when I flanked Hemp over on a come bye, he didn't open the flank enough and just flanked onto the sheep. I tried a turn back but it didn't work and he took an away on his sheep. I stopped him (already a cross over) and flanked him back over, this time with an open flank. I knew that if he got too far away from the turn back post he wasn't going to be able to see the sheep so I told him "Look!" again, and back he went. I gave him one away whistle and he took it, deep into the dip and out and around the second set. He brought them through the panels (a little off line) and joined his first set up.

Hemp joining his two sets of sheep
He was hard to hold on the drive and loved pushing on the 16 sheep.

Hemp and I starting the drive
We made all our panels and got to the shed. Then we came to a complete stop. We had only 16 sheep and 5 collared ones. It felt like I could never group more than 2 sheep without a collared one getting in there and the only time I had a semblance of a cut, Hemp didn't understand and messed it up. I'm embarrassed to say we got no cuts but when I ran out of time and walked off, the other handlers said they would be surprised if any sheds got done. This didn't come to pass, but there were only 4 sheds the whole day and only 3 pens.
Scott and Lucy's run didn't go as well. Lucy found her first set but struggled with the idea of a dog leg fetch. Her line was very off and when it came time for her turn back she didn't want to go blind. There was no way for her to see the sheep and she just isn't confident enough yet with her turn back to just go. Scott tried for a little while but he didn't want to ruin her so he retired.
Scott and Drift were up fifth. Drift had a good first outrun, but struggled a little on the turn back. He flanked around into the dip a couple times, but always came back to his first set. Finally, Scott convinced him to go back and he found his second set. He was good around the course and handled well. He actually got most of his shed and was left with one ewe and no pull to the sloughed sheep because they had wandered off. Scott was almost out of time when they finally got the last ewe off. There was nothing else to do but just hold her off and show that he had control of the shed to keep all his points when the time was called.
Then Maid was up. Once again, the first set of sheep were no problem. She had a decent line to the fetch panels but lost a couple around them (a lot of dogs had this happen) She needed two whistles on her turn back but crossed when she went back. Scott made her go out on the side she started on and she finally committed.
Maid picking up her second set of sheep
Once she found them, things went well from that point on. She was definitely feeling her oats and I always feared she was going to grip off but she never did.

Maid and her sheep turning the drive away panel
The difficult shed was made to look easy because Scott and Maid teamed up and did it picture perfect. The sheep just slipped between them. The first sloughed sheep again took off and Scott was left with only two uncollared ewes to shed off. He got them off but they didn't go far.

Scott and Maid shedding off the last two sheep
He kept a wary eye on them as he and Maid moved the collared sheep to the pen. The sloughed two stayed nearby and bleated to their companions who were being penned. It looked like they were all going in when one ewe slipped around the side. It was tense for a minute but then Maid brought her back and in she went!

Maid catching a run away ewe at the pen while the two sloughed sheep look on behind Scott
It was a very good run but with the cross over, it didn't beat Beverly Lambert and her good Hemp who won the whole thing. Maid ended up second and Drift 4th. Scott and Maid also won the best shed award (a new hat) and came home with a beautiful Border Fine Arts trophy for the first two day's wins. For reserve champion he won a classy new jacket.

Double Lift Results (13 dogs):
1. Bev Lambert and Hemp
2. Scott Glen and Maid
3. Ian Zoerb and Peg
4. Scott Glen and Drift
5. George Stambulic and Kate
6. Bev Lambert and Mirk
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
8. Stormy Winters and Roy
9. Jennifer L' Arrivee and Spot
Corey Perry and Jill RT
Scott Glen and Lucy RT
Lee Lumb and Nan DQ
Peter Gonnet and Jill DQ

Best Outwork: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Drive: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Shed: Scott Glen and Maid
Best Pen: Ian Zoerb and Peg


Donna Brinkworth said...

Way to go Jenny and Hemp and congrats to Scott and Maid!! Thanks for the great descriptions.
Donna and the gang

Laura said...

Congrats to both of you :)

Monique said...

Way to go! I really enjoy reading your blog.