Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soldier Hollow

On Friday we will be at my favorite trial in Heber City, Utah. Soldier Hollow isn't a USBCHA sanctioned trial but it is worth going if you get an invite. I didn't do anything worth getting an invitation for this year but Scott and Pleat won it last year so I get an "honorary invite". Which basically means that they let me run one dog because my spouse earned their way in. I don't care, I just think this trial is really fun. A bonus this year, they had a late cancellation and are going to let me run two dogs! I was dying to try Hemp on this field so now I get to. Scott will be running Maid and Drift. Maid was here last year so hopefully she will improve upon her performance.
If you've never been, check out this video and maybe you'll decide to take a little vacation to Utah this labor day!


kiwichick said...

Hi Jenny,

I live in Heber City and love going to this trial every year. Wish I had the time to train my BC's for herding. We just do agility. Look forward to seeing your runs. I have enjoyed reading your blog :-)


Sarah said...

that looks so great! i recognized a couple faces on the video ... even though the names were spelled wrong :)

can I send Kaleb with you so he can do dock diving :)

That field is really neat how it has the trees scattered on it, I would imagine that would be another challenge too???

Jenny Glen said...

Julie, that's cool that you go to the trial! Hopefully I'll do something worth watching with one of my dogs this year.
Sarah, way to notice the names spelled wrong! Kaleb can come with Laddie. He has a littemate that does dock dogs and Lad loves to water retrieve (obsessively). He screamed at the dogs and wanted to do it so bad!

Lorraine said...

Julie, we were there today and I was just waiting for Maid to perform! It was a bit disappointing, but I was so happy that as least I got to see her run. Some absolutely terrific performances this year - I'm so glad this is one of our Utah traditions! Please keep coming back, as we love watching your dogs.