Monday, August 17, 2009

Madden Summer Classic - Day Two

We awoke on Sunday to the welcome sight of a tractor and swather cutting down some of the tall grass on the trial field. It was much easier to see your dog at the top now and it was predicted that some of the scores would be in the 90s. I was second up to the post with Lad in the Open. He needed one redirect on his outrun but I could see him at the top and had a better lift. He brought them down the fetch line a little hard but I let it go for a little bit to get them away from the trailers. It is rare that sheep find Lad too imposing but it caught up with us. I had just decided weneeded to smooth out just past the fetch panels and one of the ewes declared she wasn't going any further. She dropped her head and came at Lad who responded with a quick hit on her nose that made her jump up and turn around to continue along. I made extra sure that we took our time after that since she was still considering quitting but we managed to persuade her to finish the course. I still missed the cross drive panels but every thing else looked good and we ended up with an 84. Lucy and I were next. Unfortunately, Lucy didn't get to see any of the runs go before her on that day because my runs were too close together. I thought she might be ok anyway because she had been up there the day before, but it didn't work that way. She got more lost the second day than the first one and was pretty crazy when she finally found them. The run was very rough and we missed our fetch panels. We managed to turn the post but the sheep took off for the exhaust and Lucy had no room to give ground against the fence and ended up gripping off. I was determined to get ahold of Hemp this time. He had a great outrun and his usual good lift but he was pushing hard. I fought him around the course and managed to settle him down. We had a good drive and crossdrive and I almost made those crossdrive panels but not quite. We had another good shed but once again, no pen which is getting pretty frustrating. Our final score was a 72. Scott ran Drift again and had a very nice run making his panels and getting his shed.

Drift and Scott at the start of the drive
His pen was rough so he only ended up with an 83 which was a tie for 6th place.

Scott calling Drift in on the shed
The last Open dog to run was Maid who finished her course but it was not clean. I never did get a score for Maid. It wasn't posted and even though I asked several times I couldn't find it out. Scott said it wasn't competitive but he was happy enough with her.
Grant Musgrove with Sam, a son of Scott's old Dan showed us how some age and experience in a dog can make it look easy. Eleven year old, one eyed Sam just coasted around the course and won with a 93!

Not Sam, but Grant Musgrove watches with his next generation of winners, Alta-Pete Willow

There was a three way tie for the overall trophy in the Open class. The USBCHA national champions, Ian Zoerb and Peg, challenged Milton Scott and Ben and Laddie and I in a run off course. Milton ran first and had a great outrun and lift but his drive was off and he missed the panels. He finished with a good shed and pen. Laddie gave me everything he had. We had nice lines and FINALLY made that crossdrive panel (it was time to go for broke). The shed and pen were not clean but we only lost a few points on them. Ian had good fetch but missed a panel on his drive so he walked off before the shed. The judge's final decision was that Lad and I had won it with a 91! I was very proud to have won against such difficult competitors.

Lad and his overall Open trophy

Open Day Two -28 dogs (unofficial)
1. Grant Musgrove and Sam
2. Thad Buckler and Cora
3. Corey Perry and Jill
4. Ian Zoerb and Gyp
5. 6. Jennifer Glen and Lad
Milton Scott and Ben (tie not broken)
7. 8. Scott Glen and Drift
Ian Zoerb and Peg (tie not broken)
9. Randy Dye and Sweep
10. Penny Ohanjanian Quill

Overall Open:
1. Jennifer Glen and Lad
2. Milton Scott and Ben
3. Ian Zoerb and Peg

The Pro Novice class ran in the afternoon and was almost a copy of the day before. Scott and Sleat started the day and although the run was not as clean as the day before, they pulled off a 79 which was good enough for the win and the overall! River looked as if he had seen the sheep this time and went out with confidence but once he dropped into the first dip he was confused and never did get all the way out. Tarn surprisingly had difficulties on her outrun but only because she was trying to be good. She took Scott's redirect and continued way past the set out trailers with the sheep and into the back field. Fortunately, even though no one could see her, she could still hear Scott's recalls and came back after a long wait. Don had 3 sheep that were working together and one that just wanted to graze in the afternoon sun. He worked very hard and got her around the course but only got a 52 for his effort. I could have sworn that Tuque was going to make it to the sheep that day but once again the dip in the field fooled her and she wouldn't bend enough to look around for the hiding sheep so we retired again. Chase gave it a good effort and had a nice outrun
Andrea Anderson's XE Chase
but being slow on the fetch she missed the panels and then lost the sheep to the exhaust like many other dogs that day.

Pro Novice Day Two -23 dogs:
1. Scott Glen and Sleat
2. Thad Buckler and Nick
3. Judy Finseth and Maud
4. Chris Jobe and Fly
5. Thad Buckler and Cora
6. Scott Glen and Don

Overall Pro Novice:
1. Scott Glen and Sleat

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