Friday, January 30, 2009


Welcome to our trial blog! This is where we will profile our trial dogs and hopefully, have current scores at the trials we are competing at. When at all possible, we will try to post the results of not only our dog's but also the top scores at the trial (hopefully they will be one and the same).
Scott and I are going to be competing with several different dogs this year. Scott will continue to trial Maid in open but with the retirement of Pleat, he will be adding Drift as his second dog. Diane Pagel's Delta Bluez Roo will continue to be the alternate, but with several opportunities to prove himself this year he could move up in the line up at anytime. Scott always says, "Whoever is running the best will be entered in the trial."
There will be all new nursery dogs this year for Scott. Don and Whisk both belong to Scott and he will also be running Diane Pagel's Sleat, and David and Susan Titcomb's Tuque and Kinloch River. All the nursery dogs will also have several chances to run in the advanced pro-novice/open ranch class along with Scott's Trim.
I will continue to run Lad and will be moving Hemp up to the open class this spring. I will also be running XE Kaos in the advanced pro novice/open ranch, along with XE Gael who will be starting her nursery year too.
First trial this year will be the St. Patrick's Day Trial at Heppner, Oregon on March 14, 15 and 16. Scott will be going down with Maid, Drift and Roo and Don and Sleat. I don't know how complete I will be able to report on that one as Scott is going down without me, but I will squeeze all the info out of him I can get.
In the mean time, I will profile the competing dogs. One dog a week. Check back in a few days and I will start with information on Maid.