Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadians - Nursery Run: 2 / Western Canadians

The second run of the nursery was in the heat for all the dogs. They ran in the same order and Donnie laid down another nice run.

Don running in his second nursery run
Once again he did not get his pen but his final score was a 66 and when Bev Lambert and Esther scored a 62 in their second run, it put him in the lead for the Canadian Nursery Champions. Kate Broadbent and her nice young Salt won the round with a 72 but the combined scores gave Donnie the Canadian win over Bev's Esther by one point. We are very proud of him!

Don, the new Canadian Nursery Champion!

Canadian Nursery - Round 2: (27 dogs)
1. Kate Broadbent and Salt
2.3. Scott Glen and Don
Lee Lumb and Rex (tie not broken)
4.5. Amanda Milliken and Roz
Penny Ohanjanian and Moss(tie not broken)
6.7. Peter Gonnet and Taff
Thad Buckler and Nic
8. Bev Lambert and Esther
9. Ian Zoerb and Sam
10. Ian Zoerb and Lexie

Scott Glen and Don

Canadian Reserve Nursery Champions
Bev Lambert and Esther

Shortly after the Canadian Nurseries, they ran the Western Canadian Nurseries which consisted of the combined scores of the two previous runs by the top 5 nursery dogs who had placed in the top half of a Western Canadian trial. Confused yet? Donnie had another good run but he tied for second and ended up 3rd when he over ran on his lift. He got a 69 and it was won by Peter Gonnet and Taff with a 70

Western Canadian Nurseries (5 dogs)
1. Peter Gonnet and Taff
2. Thad Buckler and Nic
3. Scott Glen and Don
4. Lee Lumb and Rex
5. Ian Zoerb and Lexi

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