Sunday, September 6, 2009


1. Jaren Knive and Maico 92
2. Bill Berhow and Pete 92
3. Dennis Gellins and Jan 90
4. Alberto Stern and Tweed 83
5. Suzie Applegate and Buzz 82
Bill Berhow is already qualified so Maid get's the last spot!


kiwichick said...
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kiwichick said...

It wouldn't be the same without your husband Scott in the finals. Glad he made it in with Maid. Hemp sounds like he was a good boy!

RQ said...

What great news--I've been biting my nails just reading the updates

Totally Terry said...

Tell Scott that I am getting to old for all this nail biting.

I just read your headline...must go back and read....the rest of the story