Thursday, September 3, 2009


We left Alberta last night at 9PM. We usually do this trip in one day but then we arrive after dark at Soldier Hollow. This year we planned to get a few hours done a day earlier. With yesterday's heat, we ended up waiting until it started to cool before we left. We drove for 3 hours and then decided to sleep until morning. Alot of handlers park at Walmart when they travel. I understand the convenience of being near a highway and being fairly well lit and safe, plus room for a big camper, but we expect a little more. We like a view too.

Puppies June, Nan and Sass enjoy the view while taking a break from the truck
We avoid cities with our large camper and truck full of dogs so we often find that the dark road we parked on the night before surprises us with beautiful scenery in the morning. A brief run for the dogs and then we hit the road again.

Beautiful Montana roads


Donna Brinkworth said...

I love Montana! Thanks for the pics. I remember pitching a tent in Vermont at night once, and waking up feeling the same way. Nice post and good luck!
Donna and gang

Jeanne said...

Post card pretty shot. There is nothing like travelling through Montana on a motorcycle. With the dogs is pretty cool,too,especially Soldier Hollow bound!!
Best of Luck in Utah, Jenny and Scott.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful! Great way to start the day.

Welsh shepherdess said...

Superb photos Jenny. All the very best to the both of you at Soldier Hollow. We'll be blog stalking for results.