Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meeker Day Two

Much better news today! It looks like Drift will make it to the Semi Finals on Saturday. It certainly didn't look like that at first. Scott sent him to the right again. Lots of dogs are getting lost on that side (I'm sending Hemp left tomorrow) and the wind is blowing to the handlers face so the hearing is not good. Drift needed two redirects but it wasn't that bad. His lift started well and it looked like he'd have an online fetch but shortly after, he let the sheep keep pushing to the right. He was trying to cover the handler's left when he should be covering the handler's right.

Drift over covering to the left
There couldn't have been more than a point for that fetch. Yes, it was that bad. When he got to the post, it changed. The sheep were calm and Drift started listening really well.

Drift starting out on a great drive
The drive lines were beautiful. Not much would have been lost on the drive. He got to the shedding ring with a little over two minutes left. Drift gave a little too much ground on the shed and almost lost the sheep but the judge called it just in time.

Drift giving a little too much ground on the shed
They had a minute to pen and had to push on the sheep a little but they got penned with 10 seconds left on the clock!

Scott and Drift cutting it close at the pen
The score was a 67 which looks like it should go through.

Scott and Drift's sponsors for the Meeker Classic, - the children of Maradith and Rusty Wilkins
Bill Berhow and Pete are looking good and are leading right now with an 85. If you want the full results of the runs go here.
Hemp runs about 20th tomorrow and it's supposed to be cooler (fingers crossed). I'm really not expecting much since he's never seen sheep like these but I will take an example from Scott and keep trying even if it is a bad fetch.

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