Sunday, September 13, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Amanda Milliken and Ethel! Ethel had been reserve champion here before and Amanda was very pleased to win it with her old dog. Her run was very good. Her turn back required a couple of redirects to keep her from crossing but the rest of the run was clearly the best.
Our favorites, Faansie and Jill missed their first fetch gates and the crossdrive gates. He had a nice shed and got to the pen but the sheep escaped the mouth and ran back to join their friends in the sloughed flock before Jill could stop them.
Most others had difficulty in their shed except Ian Zoerb and Peg. Amanda won the best shed trophy but many felt that Ian should have won it. Not to take anything away from Amanda's shed, it was definitely a good one but Ian's had more flow and was prettier to watch. They both lost 2 points on the shed so it was a judges decision.
Scott and Drift won a beautiful woolen blanket donated by Routt County Woolens for the best drive in the first go around and Scott also won the hard luck award. Not sure which run that was for but we are guessing Maid's. It paid $150 so we are ok with that! He also was fourth in the second day go with Drift and took home a check for that.
So now we are off to Wyoming to do some training. We know what we need to work on and hope we can get it done before the finals in a week.

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