Monday, September 7, 2009

Soldier Hollow Double Lift

The day was in the low eighties but with a strong wind in your face most of the day. The show was a hit with the crowd. Thousands of people came to see Tommy Wilson and Sly win the day. Conservative (very conservative) estimates over the 4 days are that over 25,000 people went through the gates! The biggest crowd ever in the Soldier Hollow history.
So many dogs had difficulty on the first outrun to the right. Jarin Knive's dog Maico, and Jo Anne Zoerb's dogs never found them and had to retire. With the wind, it was hard for the dogs to hear. Maid needed redirects to get to her first set and then started her turn back nicely. Scott tried a swallow tail turn back but she didn't quite get it. One more turn back and off she went. From the beginning of her second lift, you could see that she had a couple of sheep that were going to be trouble. Two tried to go back up the hill to set out. Scott tried to wait on her to lift and felt that maybe he should have had her walk up with more authority and they wouldn't have leaned on her so much.

Maid trying to control her second fetch
She had a nice second fetch until the sheep ducked around the fetch panels. When Scott sent her to gather her first lot, she tried to keep them separated. She came between the two groups and they ended up way to our right. When he convinced her to put them together, they had to go all the way around him and the post.

Maid takes her sheep around the post
The drive started correctly but just before the panels, the troublesome ewe hung back and then tore off to the right to get to the exhaust. Maid had enough and ate one. DQ
Tommy's run didn't have much wrong with it.

Tommy accepts his award for first place from judge Herbert Holmes
The fetches were a little off and it was a little high on the crossdrive but the rest was really good. Faansie did well with his two and ended up with Jill in second and Don in third.

The awards ceremony

Double Lift
1. Tommy Wilson and Sly
2. Faansie Basson and Jill
3. Faansie Basson and Don
4. Bill Berhow and Pete
5. Suzie Applegate and Lynn
6. Amanda Milliken and Clive

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