Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finals Day One

Klamath Falls, Oregon - Killer sheep! Really difficult. That would be the theme of the day. They remind me of Meeker sheep. It's not looking good for my stable of dogs but we will all go down fighting. The day started with Ian Zoerb and Gyp. Gyp pulled up short and then over did her flanks on the top with a difficult lift. Shortly after that she got crazy with the sheep and was DQ'd. Bev Lambert and Hemp had no trouble lifting or moving them but the lines were difficult to hold, especially after the turn after the post when the sheep tore off on the drive way up the field. The prettiest run of the day was Candy Kennedy and Moss (not to be confused with her old Moss). He went a little deep on the outrun and over ran a little but once on his sheep he made it look easy. He was the only one of the day who did. Alasdair and Nap had some trouble holding the lines along with everyone else. My good buddy Louanne Twa ran at a time that the sheep were getting harder to lift. Her little bitch has alot of eye and took a ton of time to lift which was unfortunate because once she got them moving and got the first part of the fetch back on line, the rest of her lines were really nice. She ran out of time at her shed so she only scored a 50 per judge.
Louanne Twa's Isla working hard on her fetch
Milton Scott and Ben ran shortly after Louanne and had similar trouble moving the sheep. He ended up behind a hill to the left where you could no longer see them. After trying to get them back unsuccessfully he was called off by the judges.
We were very proud of George Stambulic and Kate (a daughter of Scott's Pleat). She had a fetch that started way off to the left and ended up behind the same hill Milton's dog did but she was able to bring them back and then finished the rest of he run very well. Both judges gave him a 76 and he will likely make it to the semi's on Saturday.

George Stambulic and Kate holding the shed
Scott runs Maid at the same time that he is scheduled to run Sleat tomorrow morning so he will likely run Maid first and then run over to the nursery field to run Sleat. I run River at about the same time so I will try to send a camera over to the open field to catch Scott and Maid. Hopefully, she will have something good to show!
Check HERE for scores.


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