Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meeker Semi Finals

I had a request that I show a picture of the Meeker field so here it is.

The Meeker field
This was the only picture I got of Drift today. His outrun was good but the wind had shifted and the sheep had turned so his fetch resembled his first round fetch - way off to the right of the line. Finally the dog got frustrated and gripped off. That was that.
It's rough going today and it's only getting harder as the last few runs go. The nicest time to run at Meeker is late morning and those who drew up then didn't waste it.
It is out of 110 with a shed of any two un marked sheep, a pen and a single marked sheep.
Don't forget to check the scores here but Amanda battled hard this morning with Ethel and got an 84 but later on, Clive had difficulties moving them and got a DQ. I didn't see it but Scott was real impressed by Bud Boudreau's 10 year old Swale. He said she didn't move like a 10 year old when those sheep were running on her, she moved like a 4 year old. Libby Nieder's quiet run with Lyn was impressive and earned her a 79. Dennis Gellings and Jan ran in that really nice time of morning and used it well to get an 83. Alberta's Ian Zoerb and Peg ran a good one with an 83. She kept her sheep settled and it paid off. I have always liked Mike Meredith's Gus who gave it a good try but his enthusiasm perhaps got the sheep a little too excited and he only got a 63. Faansie Basson and Jill were their usual professional selves and got an 82. I think that is who Scott and I will be rooting for tomorrow. Faansie is battling a little cold but I'm sure he will rise above it. Linda Tesdahl has been running hot and her Ryan showed up to play today getting an 81. Mike Meredith's Gwen (Laddie's aunt) was pretty keyed up for a 10 year old and didn't have a great run despite getting her first shed but we like her anyway.
So there you are. Only a few more to run and it's pretty hard to get a good score now. Tomorrow will be some good watching.

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