Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Finals Double Lift

Well, Alasdair MacRae has done it again! This time he was first with his own Nap and reserve with Star. Star is the mother of our Donnie who got his official nursery photo today.
Donnie's win photo
Scott's run started well with an outrun to the left. When Maid started to come in, Scott yelled, "HEY!" and that worked well enough for a good redirect. She lifted and had a decent line on her fetch but the sheep squirted by the fetch panels and then ran off to the left of the field. Scott knew she was way off and would never be able to turn back from that side of the field (a difficult turn back even when things were going right) so he had no choice but to turn the sheep around and take them back to near the turn back post when he got the sheep settled, Maid turned back like a good thing. No problem on that outrun and then made her fetch panels. They made all their drive panels and then moved into the shedding ring. They had a nice shed and got the BEST SHED TROPHY!

A good first cut on the shed

A second cut

Scott and Maid let the last two sheep slip through and the shed was complete

After the shed Scott and Maid had a difficult pen with the sheep wanting to join their buddies. However they were successful and ended up in 10th place overall.
Try Pearse Ward's blog for details on other runs.


Camp said...

And what a dapper photo it is! Good Hat! Congratulations on a job well done..and it looks like a magnificent shed.

Great success....enjoy all the accolades you deserve them...lots of hard work to get there!


Monique said...

Congrats! Donnie's runs were great to watch. Wish I could have stayed for the double lift - Alas... had to return to work and "real life."