Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soldier Hollow Day Two - Qualifiers

While I was off sulking in my camper, Scott said that Suzy Applegate ran a beautiful run that was a joy to run (unless she was going to bump you out of the finals!). She had no pen and still got a 84.
There is some debate as to who is ahead between Faansie and Amanda but the qualifying for the double lift is the same.
Day Two Qualifiers
1. Bev Lambert and Mirk
2. Tommy Wilson and Sly
3. Faansie Baason and Don
4. Amanda Milliken and Clive
5. Suzy Applegate and Buzz

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Carolyn said...

Hi Jenny,

Just got home from SH and read your much talked about blog. Thanks to Scott and you for your nice comments regarding Lyn's qualifying run 9/5. It was Lyn's birthday that day and we both got presents--Lyn got to work sheep and I got to see my dog advance to the Finals with handler Suzy Applegate!

Also thank you both for your words of encouragment to this P/N handler as I work my way through the trial process.

Good luck at Meeker and see you at Klamath.