Friday, May 1, 2009

Shaker Village Day One

Harrodsburg, Kentucky - The Shaker Village trial is held, obviously, at a Shaker Village. The buildings have been restored and the farm is still going.

Shaker Town's main street
It is very entertaining history but of course, we were here for a dog trial. So we followed a windy road to the back of the working farm to a field behind the barns. It is in a beautiful bowl shape with the sheep set at the top of a fairly steep hill. Apparently the sheep are owned by Anne Keller and come from the Bluegrass open flock. So far they are honest and in good shape. Today's weather was about 70F and overcast most of the day but the thunderstorms have held off so far. They are telling us sprinkles and 61 tomorrow and very cold rain on Sunday. Unfortunately, the usually picturesque green field was brown due to a weed kill but next year it will be green again.
The morning started with the Pro- Novice (outrun about 200 yrds, drive to one panel and pen). We had only one pro-novice and ranch class at this trial but there will be another nursery tomorrow. Terry Shaeffer's Jess was the first of our dogs to go and we were so proud of her. She didn't get the greatest score but it was such an improvement that we were very excited. She had one redirect up the hill but was a little tight at the top and the sheep took off running and she never had a chance to get her fetch panels.
Terry Sheaffer's Alba Jess
The first leg of a drive dipped down a little bit before climbing up to the first drive panel. She had a bobble in front of that panel but made them through.

Jess driving to the panels
Then she had a nice easy pen.
Our second dog to run was Whiskey and with a clean outrun and good balance behind the sheep he managed to snag the second place position.

Pro Novice: (23 dogs) unofficial
1. Claudia Frank and Wyn
2.Scott Glen and Whiskey
3. Robert Kelley and Cody
4. Kate Ash and Midge
5. Lyle Lad and Sid
6. 7. Tie unbroken:
Robin French and Bill
Paule Tucker and Tyne
8.Gayle Garrison and Molly
9. Scott Glen and Jess
10. Cy Peterson and Emma

The Ranch class started just after the Pro Novice. Scott ran Donnie first but didn't get a chance to spot with him. The sheep had been moved another 100 yrds up the field in a hollow of the hill. Unfortunately, Don never found his sheep. Scott also ran Tuque in this class. We weren't sure if she saw the sheep when she went out but she bravely ran up the hill and got up to the very top. Unfortunately, she had gotten too far above the sheep and was confused with the set out pens right there. Scott blew her over but without knowing where the sheep were, she offered to flank back behind the set out. Scott then blew her a recall whistle which brought her down within sight of the sheep but then she got a little hung up on the set out person. One more whistle got her in the right position and then she got back on course. The rest of the run was very good but unfortunately, with all the time and points lost on the outrun she ran out of time on the pen and it really hurt her putting her only into a tie for seventh place.

Ranch: (19 dogs) unofficial
1. Debbie Bailey and Camp
2. Vergil Holland and Scott
3.Ann Lamar and Ty
4.Linda Tesdahl and Suede
5. 6. Tie not broken
Lyle Lad and Gin
Mike Hanley and Shy
7. 8.9.
Ties not broken
Jerry Alleyne and Wink
Scott Glen and Tuque
Denice Rackley and Blu
10. Ann Spearman and Newt

The first nursery class was the last class of the day.
Scott's first dog was Diane Pagel's Sleat. She was very good with a clean outrun and a strong fetch. Her drive was right on line and she made her first panels. Then, shortly before the crossdrive panels in a dip on the field, Sleat took her only wrong flank and messed up her beautiful line, and missed the panel. She was so close to getting her last nursery leg but that flank lost it for her and she ended up in fifth.
The next dog to run was River. The big outrun on the hill fooled River and he never found his sheep.
Finally, Scott ran Don who had a good outrun this time. Overall it was a very nice run and he made all his panels but it was slightly wobbly so the best it got him was fourth place.

Nursery Day One: (16 dogs) unofficial
1. Lyle Lad and Sid
2. Jerry Alleyne and Wink
3. Vergil Holland and Scott
4. Scott Glen and Don
5. Scott Glen and Sleat
6. Linda Tesdahl and Suede
7. Robin French and Bill
8. Claudia Frank and Wyn
9. Dave Murry and Kate
10. Kate Ash and Maddie


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Thanks for the update....I really appreciate it. I wish I was there but this blog is like being there and your descriptions are wonderful snd awesome photos!!

Welsh shepherdess said...

We second that!

Go Tuque and River, GO!