Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bluegrass Day Four first update

None of our young dogs did anything of note on the underclass field. The sheep were really difficult and they all handled themselves well and did what they could.
It is cooler but still humid today. The thunderstorms keep blowing over us with no real rain yet but they keep telling us they are coming.
Lad had a nice run this morning. It was a good time to run and I didn't over handle him. He made all of his panels, had a clean shed and lost some points on his pen when I almost lost them but overall it was nice and he got a 77. So far this is still in the double lift for tomorrow but it's not a sure thing yet.
Scott had a great run with Maid but the judges didn't see it that way. She lifted well and brought the sheep down the fetch line with only a little bit of wobbling. She made all her panels and had one of the nicest drives I've seen all week. Scott called her in on her shed and she held it but it didn't turn and the judges didn't call it. It was odd because many lesser sheds have been called but that is what they decided this time. Scott knew he had lost alot of points so he just took one on the butt and went to the pen where he had a clean pen. They gave him a 76.

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