Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shaker Village Nursery Day Two

I think the best way to describe Scott's nursery runs yesterday is "improved". All the dogs are getting better. River and Sleat are pushing on harder on their drive and Donnie is looking more experienced each time he goes to the post.
River started the runs and he got to finish his first run ever! He lost several points on his outrun but he's learning how to handle the hills. He left Scott's right side with great confidence but then stopped himself at 3 on the clock. He looked around for a second and then, before Scott could whistle to him, you saw him go "AHA!" and he took off to the top of the hill. He did stop a few more times at about 1 on the clock but like the other young dogs, he was confused by the fact that he had seen the sheep but then when he got above them on the hill, they disappeared into a hollow. Scott helped him over and then he did a nice controlled fetch.

David Titcomb's Kinloch River and Scott on the fetch
They missed the drive away panel but made the crossdrive and got their pen.

Scott and River at the pen
His quite respectable score was a 71.
Sleat is also getting so much better and I'm sure it won't be long until she gets her last nursery leg. She's really looking good on her fetch and driving much stronger. Her score was a 68
Donnie had a difficult set of sheep but handled them like a pro. Scott said it took alot out of him but you couldn't tell on the field. He had to keep a leader in check and a wanderer in line and he did it with style and finished with an 81

Nursery Day Two: (16 dogs)

1. Bob Washer and Spain
2. Scott Glen and Don
3. Linda Tesdahl and Suede

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