Friday, May 15, 2009

Bluegrass Day three first update

Scott ran Drift 3rd up this morning. It was cool and foggy but the weather is supposed to heat up today. The sheep were not great but it was possible. Stormy Winter's dog, Roy, almost got them off the top but they ended up beating him on the left side like they have done to so many dogs. (in round one, out of 133 dogs, only 71 dogs got a score) Vergil Holland ran Brooke right before Scott and got a 77. Drift ran out on a really nice outrun and Scott pulled him up just a little short to get a good lift. They lifted but the sheep fought and fought him. Drift felt the need to keep catching the eye of the sheep to shut them down which was nice in that they never did get back to set out (not for lack of trying and they split in 3 different directions many times) but it also prevented any kind of flow. He made his fetch panels but moving the sheep didn't get much easier because of how he had handled them at the top and was still trying to handle them. They ended up being very heavy around the course. He had a nice line to the drive panels and made them but there was alot of wobbling on the crossdrive as Drift kept trying to go high on the sheep to guard against them trying to get back up the field.

Drift turning the crossdrive panels
He made the crossdrive panels but nipped a low hock on the third leg. I'm sure the judges didn't see it from where they were - I couldn't see it- but they must have suspected it and pointed him.
Drift on the third leg of the drive
Drift was getting angry in the shedding ring and repeatedly tried to grip. He did get the shed but it wouldn't have been too high in the points. Time ran out before he could get to the pen due to the slow drive. His final score was a 70.
Hemp runs later, unfortunately in the heat of the day so we will see what we can do.

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