Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fetch Gate Nursery - day two

On day two of this trial, all our dogs were really coming into their own.

Scott on the field of the Fetch Gate Nursery Trial
The confidence they are showing is encouraging. Sometimes, when dogs have this many trials in a row with little training in between, they can get worse rather than better. The only one who had shown a back slide was Tuque. She had been working without a stop and since she had qualified early for the nationals, we had not been running her so that she didn't develop bad habits, but Scott used the first day's trial at FetchGate as a training session. When she didn't stop, he walked away from the post to show her that she had to listen. It was a good lesson and yesterday she was almost back to her old self and had a nice run.
The top run of the class this time was Donnie.
Don on the third leg of the drive
He had a good outrun and made all his gates and pen. He's really starting to look like a pro.
Sleat also had a good run although she's still a little wobbly on her crossdrive but she hung in there for second place.
A dog to watch in next year's nursery is Lori Cunningham's Matt from Pennsylvania. He has a cool head and is doing beautiful outruns for such a young dog.

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Lindsay said...

Even though I don't have any herding dogs, I have really enjoyed reading your blog! It's great to read and learn about a dog sport that I have no experience in.:O)