Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Next Trial

We are currently in Michigan at the home of Terry Sheaffer.

Scott working in Michigan
We've had the week off from trialing so we have been dodging raindrops and getting the dogs geared up to go again. The last trial showed us where we needed improvement and what needed fixing.
Some, ahem, needed more fixing then others,

Laddie waits his turn to work
But most of the dogs just needed a tune up.

Scott working nursery dog, Sleat
We will be leaving tomorrow to head down to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to the Shaker Village Trial. The temperature is supposed to hover in the mid sixties but they are expecting rain all weekend and some thunderstorms on Friday. However, I don't think they are planning on the horrible downpour they had last year and I just can't believe it could be any worse than Plumb Lucky! (knock on wood) There are 67 open dogs and 18 nursery. Friday they will run Pro Novice, Ranch and Nursery I. Saturday will be Open I and Nursery II and Sunday will be Open II and the top five combined open scores will go to a double lift late Sunday afternoon.
I will once again try to post scores and pictures as soon as the classes are done but if I get bad reception again, I will save all the info and post it on Monday.
Wish us luck!


Sarah said...

good luck to all!

i love that picture of laddie waiting patiently, with the flag in the background, very nice!

Welsh shepherdess said...

Go kick some butts.