Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bluegrass Day one second update

The sheep are all over the place on the open field. Around 3PM they just got nasty. You will have to look at the scores on the bluegrass website tonight (see my side panel links) but there must have been 10 dogs in a row not get sheep off the top. The sheep would be lifted but then take off to the left as fast as they could. The dogs would dash back to stop them and just as they would get them stopped, two would go one way and one would go the other and run back to set out to jump back in. Unfortunately, this is the time of day that Maid ran. Scott had a plan to stop her 50 yrds short and lift to the right so they couldn't break back, but before Maid was to her sheep they were moved by the set out over to the right and then the set out dog gripped them. It was too late to do anything different with Maid and she lifted them and they broke to the left and just as I said before, they were stopped and then went around her and back into set out. About an hour after Maid ran the sheep got real sweet. They walked off the top and walked around the course and the scores picked up. Way up. It won't be so easy for me to make the double lift with Lad now. It just rained again and is getting muggy so I don't know how the final runs are going to go today. I'm off to dinner so I will give you a new update tomorrow after Hemp runs at about 11AM. These are the top scores as of 5:15 PM when dog number 55 was walking to the post. They are planning to go to dog number 68 tonight and finish tomorrow so these are by no means final...
Open Wednesday 5:15 up to dog number 55:
1. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 94
2. Bob Washer and Clare 80.5
3. Jeanie Vandermere and Jade 78.5
4. Joan Worthington and Sam 72
5. Mike Schragel and Tek 69.5
6. Lary Burch and Dot 68.5
7. Connie Brannen and Trip 67.5

The Nursery class Day one: 53 dogs
1. Alasdair and Fox 81
2. Emil Luedecke and Lad 80
3. Scott Glen and Don 80
4. Alasdair MacRae and Hanna 80
5. Vickey Russel and Devi 79
6. Sharon Wollman and Marti 78
7. Dawn Boyce and Slim 76
8. Linda Tesdhal and Suede 75
9. Claudia Frank and ? 74
10. Rose Anderson and Buzz 70
Scott Glen and Sleat and Whiskey RT

The Pro Novice Class (outrun, fetch, one leg drive and pen) had a tie for first place. Scott and Whiskey and Robin French and Billy.

Scott setting up Whiskey for the run off
The judge was Bruce Fogt and his decision was to do a silent gather. Whisk had a nice outrun, made the fetch panels,

Whiskey making the first fetch panels
then shifted a little to the right to make the novice fetch panels that had been left out for the run off and then continued down the right side of the field until the sheep jumped into the exhaust. Robin's Billy had a good outrun, missed the first fetch panels but made the second and then made a dramatic turn to put the sheep right on the post which was what the judge wanted to see. Congrats to Robin for her first place! She won a beautiful decorated leather picture frame.

Pro Novice day one:
1. Robin French and Bill 75
2. Scott Glen and Whiskey 75
3. Claudia Frank and Wyn 73
4. Chuck Dimit and Cole 73
5. Bob Kelly and Cody 73
6. Scott Glen and Jess 70.5
7. Susan Rhodes and Shep 69
8. Allen Hickenbottom and Mollie 69
9. Andrea DeKennedy and Glen 66.5
10. Lyle Lad and Sid 65

Novice Day one:
( 16 dogs)
1. Todd Layfield and Spot 64.5
2. Jean Barrett and Huca 64
3. Mike Wagner and Joon 50.5
4. Mike Frost and Rush 56.6
5. Susan Garrett and Rafe 49

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