Friday, May 22, 2009

Fetch Gate Nursery

Cortland, NY - We are at the extraordinarily beautiful Fetch Gate Farm owned by Roger and Heather Millen who are hosting two nursery trials this week. The weather is in the 80s but the class is being held in the evening when the sting of the sun has lessened. The outrun is about 300 yrds up a hill and is a little difficult for the nursery dogs.
The first dog up was Diane Pagel's Sleat. She cast out on her outrun with little difficulty and when she started to come in a little early, she took Scott's redirect on the fly like an experienced dog. She made her fetch panels but then came off line shortly after.

Diane Pagel's Sleat on the fetch
She had a nice drive but with deep turns and almost took a wrong flank at the crossdrive. It looked like her sheep were going to go right into the pen but they don't move off people very well and when Scott moved her up to help push the sheep in, they jumped out and circled the pen once before going in.

Sleat catching tricky sheep at the pen
It was one of the nicest runs Sleat had done and it was good enough for her to win the class! She finally got her last leg towards the nursery finals.
The next run worth mentioning was River's. Although he crossed over on his outrun (he was in good company as many did this) his fetch was good and I was so proud of his drive!

David Titcomb's Kinloch River on the fetch
He kept a nice steady trot going and had some of the tightest turns I have ever seen around panels. He had good control of them at the pen and got down low when they threatened to bust out, and kept them in.

Without the crossover he would have won but even with it, he got a second place and his last leg towards the finals!
Tonight we have another nursery and I hope the dogs do just as well. Since they are all going to the finals now, it is good practice for everyone.

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