Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chinquapinwood Trial - Day One Open

Lexington, Kentucky. The first day of Laura and Mike Hanley's Chinquapinwood trial started with the open class. The day was overcast and rainy most of the time but at about 4PM the sun came out. Fortunately, by then the wind had picked up enough to keep it from being too hot. There was alot more humidity this morning but it was starting to dry out by the evening. 62 dogs went to the post for Bob Washer to judge. Vergil Holland's sheep were very cooperative and there were only a few rogues to give the dogs trouble.
Hemp and I were the fifth team to the post and I'm happy to say we are starting to get with each other. He had a good outrun but a wobbly fetch although he did make his panels. His drive away was similar and we got the panel but we were still wobbly. The crossdrive at this trial is very difficult and when you look at the panels you can't tell if they are your drive away panels or your crossdrive panels by the way they are angled. Hemp and I had a little argument on the crossdrive but things started to click right about then and we came to an agreement that angled the sheep through the panels at just about a perfect position. He had one of the few full point pens and when I pulled him through on the shed it looked like he wasn't going to hold it but I gave him a flank as he was coming through and he got in the right position to hold it. His final score was a 92.
Maid ran a little later in the day and looked good the whole way around. She pulled up a little short on her outrun and when Scott blew her over she went hard and fast and caused her lift to be off. She settled after that and walked her sheep nicely around the course, made her pen and got her shed. She finished with a 93.
Roo ran next and had a little trouble with his outrun and came in too early. Scott blew him out and we were afraid the crashing at the top might resurface because of the bad outrun but it didn't! He went deep enough and picked up his sheep well but took a wrong flank on the fetch that caused him to miss his fetch panels.

Roo turning the post
After that he settled down and took the sheep nicely around the driving part of the course. His sheep lapped the pen once before going in but he had a nice shed. His final score was an 85.

Diane Pagel's Delta Bluez Roo
While Lad was waiting to run the sun came out so I quickly wet him down to help him deal with the unfamiliar heat. Amazingly enough, he managed the outrun and lift with no help from me and with full points. He had a slight wobble at the top but settled his sheep and came right on down the fetch line. A nice turn and a little wobble going through the drive gates. His crossdrive was a little low and we had to banana the sheep through the drive gates but then got back on line for the third leg. At the pen, we had the sheep jump out of the mouth but we caught them before they could do too much damage and got them penned. I was a little afraid of the shed since Lad wouldn't come in the second day of the Shaker Village trial so I made sure we had a large gap with plenty of time to come in before I called him in and it worked. Lad tied with Hemp with a 92 but beat him on the outwork. (I know. That's ironic.)
Drift ran almost last and the sheep were getting just a little aware of the exhaust.

Drift on the fetch
He had a nice outrun lift and fetch but things slowed down around the post and he had sheep that were trying to dash around him to escape. After a few minutes of struggling, Drift took a dive at one but didn't grip. Unfortunately, it cost him some points but then he marched the sheep around the course with one of the prettiest drives of the day.

Drift on the third leg of the drive
He got his pen but timed out in the shed and ended up with an 83.
It is a beautiful evening and they are going to run the first 15 dogs of the Stockdog/nursery class tonight before stopping for dinner. Tomorrow they will start again with day two of the open and then finish the first Stockdog/nursery class. I will give the placings of the Stockdog class tomorrow when it is finished. Monday they will do the second Stockdog/nursery class which has 36 dogs in it. Tonight we dine! Laura is known for hospitality and the handlers dinner is always extraordinary for a mere $5.00. Emil Ludeke is making brisket and I hear there will be fresh potato salad and baked beans and a bunch of side dishes with Laura's mother's pies for desert. I must be sure to not be late!

Notice how high the scores were!

Open Day One: (62 dogs) - ties have been broken
1. Alasdair MacRae and Star 96
2. Dee Alleyne and Rook 95
3. Lorna Savage and Zoe 95
4. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 95
5. Scott Glen and Maid 93
6. Dave Murray and Moe 92
7. Vergil Holland and Brooke 92
8. Jennifer Glen and Lad 92
9. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 92
10. Vergil Holland and Dally 91

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