Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Late than Never!

I still have a few dogs left to profile (yes, Scott will be a busy boy this trial year) and we leave for our first trial tomorrow! So, I'll put them all in one entry:
Starting with Diane Pagel's Sava.

Diane Pagel's Imp. Sava
Diane imported Sava from Wales as a pup. She is out of AledOwen's Roy (2007 ISDS Supreme Champion and 2008 World Champion) who is a son of his Bob(2002 World Champion 2000 ISDS Supreme Champion). Scott started Sava last winter but it was determined that if she was pushed hard enough to make a nursery dog she would be ruined for her adult years. The caution has paid off and although Sava is going to get her trial feet wet as an Adv. Pro Novice/Open ranch dog this season, she won't need to stay there long before she moves up to open.

The next dog is our XEMeg.

Our XE Meg
Our Meg (originally called Becky but changed to Meg because she reminded us so much of her mother) was bred by Grant Musgrove out of my favorite all time bitch, Alta-Pete Meg. Alta-Pete Meg was a daughter of Scott's Dan and Kelly and a full sister to Pleat (2004 USBCHA National Champion) and Tala (2004 USBCHA Reserve National Champion).

Alta-Pete Meg - mother to XE Meg, my XE Hemp and Scott's XE Maid
XE Meg is a full sister to my Hemp and a half sister to Scott's Maid. We bought our Meg last year off of Grant and I put a month of training on her before we bred her to Scott's Don. This year, Meg and I picked her training back up and she is ready to trial in Open Ranch/Adv. Pronovice. A couple of weeks ago we switched her over to Scott to handle for the spring trial season but I hope to get her back again this summer. She will be trialing at the Plumb Lucky trial and the Hanley's trial.

The next two dogs, Kate Ash's Badger, and Robin Queen's Kyzer share a father. They are both by Dal Kratzer's Imp. Shep.

Dal Kratzer's Imp. Shep - father to Badger and Kyzer - photo by Kate Ash
Kate's Badger is out of Dal's Tib who is the mother to the two time USBCHA National Champion, Star.

Kate Ash's Badger
Dal is already successfully trialing her littermate, Whiskey who was sold to Scott a couple of years ago and then sold back to Dal after last year's Bluegrass. Scott will run Badger at the Plumb Lucky trial and then Kate will take her over and start trialing her herself.

Robin Queen's Kyzer
Robin Queen's Kyzer is also by Shep and out of Kelly Murnigham's Molly. Kyzer is a littermate to Kate's successful Maddie and a half brother to Terry Sheaffer's Mick (both out of Molly) who Scott was USBCHA Reserve Nursery Champion with in 2006.

Scott and Terry Sheaffer's Mick winning the 2006 USBCHA Reserve Nursery Championship- photo by Kate Ash
Scott will also be running Kyzer in Adv. Pro Novice/Open Ranch at Plumb Lucky and then Robin will finish the trial season off with him.

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