Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Three

Sorry I didn't have an update for you sooner. It's been bad service for me here and I'm doing what I can. The weather has been nice and maybe a a little warm for our Canadian dogs but they are adapting well. The sheep are getting tired of this and just want to go back to the barn so it is getting difficult. The best time to run is in the morning when there is no wind.
Scott did well with his open dogs. He is making that very hard crossdrive on a regular basis which I can't seem to do. Both Maid and Don got an 89.

Lad had a decent run for his third go but it was a pen then shed this time and we didn't get either. Lad is difficult to shed with because you can't have him too far away or he won't come in fast enough to keep the sheep apart and you need to have a big hole.
I was pleased with Hemp and we were doing well but the hearing was difficult. He got a nice shed but the single ran all the way up the field when we tried to bring the two back to the one. The two were running fast away too so we didn't know which to go for. Everyone seemed to think there was no right answer for that one. Anyway, we had to retire since our single was all the way at set out (about 400 yrds away) before we could do anything about it.
Both Kuro and Jr. had really improved in the Nursery and Scott was pleased with them but they just didn't get the draws to be competitive.

Jr. missed getting his first nursery leg by only 1 point. In Open-Ranch Scott ran my Meg who didn't open her flanks up but couldn't really do that or she'd be pushed off the field. He retired her but wasn't displeased with her for her first trial (and he's only worked her about 8 times before I turned her over to him). Roxy did ok but not good enough to place and Sava had to retire even though she had a nice outrun because her sheep raced down the field and beat her to the exhaust.

Sava trying to catch her sheep
In Ranch, both Badger and Kyzer did well but didn't have good enough sheep.

Open 2
1. Ron Burky and Hank 92
2. Alasdair MacRae and Star 91
3. Vergil Holland and Dally 90
4. Scott Glen and Don 89
5. Scott Glen and Maid 89
6. Stephanie Goracke and Nina 89
7. Kathy Knox and Sal 85
8. Mariana Schreeder and Penny 85
9. Tricia MacRae and Max 84
10. Allen hicken bottom and Meg 84

Nursery 3
1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 85
2. Alan Hickenbottom and Molly 84

3. Stephanie Goracke and Gwynn 82 (I really like this dog)
4. Paul Tucker and Tyne 79
5. Vergil Holland and Trim 76
6. Marianna Schreeder and Soot 74
7. Viki Kidd and Macy 73
8. Scott Glen and Sweep 73
9. Lyle Lad and Billy 65
10. Catherine Laria and Rae 64

Open Ranch 1
1. Catherine Laria and Rae 81
2. Linda Myer and Gnat 79
3. Vergil Holland and Scott 77
4. Don Russell and Molly 74 (this is a littermate to Jr.)
5. Stephanie Goracke and Gwenn 73
6. Linda Meyer and Faith 73
7. John Wentz and Faye 68
8. Robin Reasoner and Hawke 66
9. Steve Kunkle and Dollar 63
10. Alasdair MacRae and Coll

Ranch 1
1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 87
2. Tricia MacRae and Tess 85
3. Paul Tucker and Tyne 85
4. Vergil Holland and Trim 84
5. Susan Abrams and Kacee 78
6. Chuck Dimit and Cole 75
7. Lyle Lad and Billy 75
8. Robin Reasoner and Jan 74
9. Lyle Lad and Nick 73
10. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 68

Novice 1
1. Sam Smith and Pip 44
2. Judy Parker and Blythe 35
3. Whitney Flemming and TJ 26


Donna Brinkworth said...

Thanks for posting Jenny, I love keeping up by reading this, and all the best to you and Scott and the crew, they are doing well!

Monique said...

Thanks for the updates, I love reading them!

Janet said...

I love the pics of Rainey, Sava and Kuro!