Friday, April 16, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Two

Today has been a much better day. There were improvements on the nursery dogs and the open dogs performed well.
Maid ran very well today. She missed one panel but it didn't hurt her too much and she got her pen and shed. She finished up with a 91! It gives her about 30 USBCHA points total.
Laddie ran well in his first run today (they started the second open class late in the day so he ran again in the afternoon). He needed some help on his outrun - what else is new? but after that he performed very well. We almost missed the drive panels because I turned short but we had time to fix it without much damage. We did miss the crossdrive panels which are hard to hit but had a perfect pen and actually got the shed - barely. I took a risk and called him in on a tight one and he flanked behind me and they called shed only a half second before he gripped (well, Lad never really grips but he makes it look like one so we get called anyway) Fortunately, the judge (Bob Washer) only pulled one point for that. We got an 85 which got us about 10 USBCHA points to add to the 6 we all ready had.
His second run was better for him, worse for me. I turned short on the drive panel again but this time I missed it and had to re attempt. Everyone said my lines were good but it just got messy after that with me missing the crossdrive panel and this time the shed-pen held me up and I ran out of time on the shed. Fortunately w have one more time to try it again before the weekend is done.
On the nursery field, Kuro was much improved and almost got a leg but missed a panel and just missed the cut. Jr. was a thousand times better, and although only a 55 we were happy with the improvement. Scott also ran Doug Brewer's Peg. It was her first time to the post and she got lost on the outrun. When she found them she crossed over and then split them and Scott retired. She will get another chance tomorrow to try again.
Rainey also ran today.

Scott and Rainey wait for sheep to be set
She had difficulty on her outrun and needed several redirects (the outrun is up a hill so it takes some practice for the dogs to get it) she then had sheep run fast down the hill and she didn't catch them until after they passed the post.

Rainey starting her drive
There was alot of trouble getting them to the drive panels so Scott retired her. She'll get a little more training when we practice some more in Michigan next week.
I haven't gotten the final results for the second nursery yet - I will post them later.

Open 1

1. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 95
2. Tricia MacRae and Max 92
3. Scott Glen and Maid 91
4. Tricia MacRae and Cap 91
5. Vergil Holland and Brook 87
6. Jennifer Glen and Lad 85
7. Alasdair MacRae and Star 84
8. Mike Gorake and Pard 83
9. Allen Hickenbottom and Vick 83
10. Paul Tucker and Rick 82

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Camp said...

WOOO HOOOO..Keeping the faith pays off!!! My SWEET LADDIE comes through again and again!!!


and good job too Scott!