Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delta Bluez Rainey

Diane Pagel's Rainey
Diane Pagel's Delta Bluez Rainey is another one of Scott's nursery dogs this year. She was bred by Diane and is out of her Tess. Tess was one of the earliest dogs to get a ROM with the ABCA. As a nursery dog, Scott handled her to a 6th place finish on the difficult national nursery course at Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2001.

Rainey works sheep on our prairie farm
Rainey's father is a dog named Scott who was working as a cattle dog on the Coldstream Ranch in BC when Diane bought him. He is a grandson of Bobby Dalziel's Wisp. Scott is now owned by Janet Thorpe and at 10 years old is doing a good job of teaching his new owner how to be a good stockdog handler.
Rainey's first trial will be at the Kentucky Bluegrass.

Rainey fetching sheep


DeltaBluez Tess said...

We all went "AHHHH" on this blog. Getty is proud of his little princess!! You made his day.

Thanks and you got her expression just right!! We hope she will do as well as her mother, Tess did for Scott.

Janet said...

What a lovely little dog! She looks just like her dad.