Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Way to Plumb Lucky

We should be at Thad Flemming's farm tonight and his Plumb Lucky trial starts tomorrow. I hear we are expecting rain but what else is new at this trial! Last year I had horrible computer service and couldn't keep up the blog updates. Hopefully it will have improved this year. If not, I will post the results on Monday. The dogs have been traveling well. The rest was needed. We had a few young dogs run through their pads in the dry ground back home and Maid and Hemp have strained toes and have been resting instead of keeping tuned up so we'll see how that goes. Lad was doing well but over did it and was lame the other day. He seems to be good now and did some nice outruns at our training trip last week. Hopefully that's a good sign since Hemp and Maid might be full of the beans after their rest and God only knows how they are going to perform!


Kathy said...

Good luck, wish I could be there. Thad has a nice place.

Camp said...

My sweet Laddie will be just right!

special love,

laddie's fairy godmother xxooxx