Monday, April 19, 2010

Plumb Lucky '10 - Day Four

Yesterday, the last day of Plumb Lucky, was another beautiful day. Such a nice farm and wonderful people put this trial on that it was good to see them have mild weather to go along with the great trial. The wind came up again in the afternoon but it's not that there was no hearing, the dogs just had to be more careful and listen. Hemp tried very hard to listen and was working well but sometimes he'd have great short flanks and then I'd ask for a big flank and he'd over run it a little. I don't think he was being disobedient because he was trying really hard to be good. I'm happy with him. We again missed the crossdrive gate but had a great pen and I was so proud of his shed. We had a good cut and there is no hesitation in him about coming in and holding and it boosts my confidence to know he'll always come in. We ended up with an 87 AND got his first 6 USBCHA points of the year! I'm really happy with him.
Maid definitely had some difficulty with the hearing but stuck with it and Scott used it as a training opportunity to square out her flanks on the shed.
Scott had a great run with Donnie.

Don on the fetch
Really nice around the course but when he missed the crossdrive gates he knew he wouldn't win so he trained on him at the pen and shed instead.

Scott and Don at the pen
He finished with an 83 and was in 14th place.
Nursery was rough again. Scott said he was again happy with Kuro and Sweep but the sheep running for the barn was just too difficult at this point in their training. They worked hard and learned alot and should be ready for the next trial.

Sweep catching running sheep
Sava and Scott did well in the Open Ranch. She had a big improvement over the day before. She had a reasonable outrun but the sheep ran for the barn again and the fetch gates were missed. Other than that she had a 73 and was fifth. Scott really liked my Megan in this class. He still retired her early but he said the she didn't get pushed around on the fetch which he liked. She had some trouble on the drive away so he retired before she learned any bad habits.
Scott was very pleased with the Ranch dogs, Badger and Kyzer. Badger really shined and took first place!!! Kyzer wasn't far behind and was third!
Many thanks again to the Fleming family, Thad, Kelly Whitney and Wyatt. Additional thanks to Deb and John Cleveland who do all the paperwork and help keep the trial running smoothly.
We are off to Michigan for a week of training on our own dogs and Scott has a clinic. We will get to Shaker Village at the end of next week.

Open 3
1. Alasdair MacRae and Star 95
2. Alasdair MacRae and Nap 94
3. Stephanie Goaracke and Liz 94
4. Kathy Knox and Sal 94
5. Vergil Holland and Dally 93
6. Mariana and Penny 93 (a daughter of Scott's Pleat!)
7. Tricia MacRae and Cap 91
8. Chuck Dimit and Luke 88
9. Jennifer Glen and Hemp 87
10. Nancy Duley and Ben 86

Nursery 4

1. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 86
2. Stephanie Goaracke and Gwynn 85
3. Vicki Kidd and Macy 85
4. Vergil Holland and Scott 81
5. Don Russell and Molly 81
6. Tricia MacRae and Tess 80
7. Paul Tucker and Tyne 77
8. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 77
9. Chuck Dimit and Cole 76
10. Ron Enzeroth and Jake 74

Open Ranch 2
1. Alasdair MacRae and Hoss 82
2. Linda Meyer and Faith 82
3. Don Russell and Molly 82
4. Catherine Laria and Rae 79
5. Scott Glen and Sava 73
6. Mike Schragel and Jake 73
7. Orville Maxwell and Elva 70
8. Steve Kunkle and Dollar 70
9. Robin Reasoner and Hawke 69
10. Lise Anderson and Mack 58

Ranch 2

1. Scott Glen and Badger 71
2. Vergil Holland and Trim 70
3. Scott Glen and Kyzer 68
4. Lyle Lad and Billy 68
5. Alasdair MacRae and Nick 67
6. Chuck Dimit and Cole 65
7. Nancy Duley and Jock 59
8. Susan Abrams and Kacee 58
9. Caryn Miller and Tess 57
10. Marianna Schreeder and Soot 54

Novice 2
1. Sam Smith and Pip 57
2. Terry Wright and Witt 43
3. Whitney Fleming and TJ 37

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