Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Trial

We have arrived at Pleasant Hill, Shakertown in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Tomorrow, the Shaker Village trial starts. I love this trial. Not only is it put on by good people (Leigh Ann and Paul Tucker) and the area is beautiful, but it is full of historical buildings that I can tour. We have a perfect parking spot (it's the little things you have to appreciate when you are on the road as long as us!) that is private behind some barns and on gravel so that the expected rains on Saturday and Sunday won't bog our truck down. The puppies are in their x-pen next to us, under the shelter of a dairy shedrow so they will be able to play the weekend away while it rains, and there is plenty of room to run the dogs.
Scott's clinic at Kate Ash and Dal Kratzer's seemed to be well received this past week and we got some training in on the trial dogs. I also got some beginning round pen work on my two nursery dogs for next year, Dave and Syn.
Yesterday we met up with Heather Russell and Kelly Murningham who treated us to a perfect sunny, but not too warm, day of training on a local farmer's field. Heather brought her horse and she and Kelly traded setting out for us so we could get our young dogs exposed to a pony up at the top.

Kelly and her dog Molly head out to hold sheep for us
We attracted a few locals who came out to enjoy the scenery and watch the trial dogs go through their paces.

Scott and Diane Pagel's Sava get ready to outrun
Tomorrow we have the under classes and due to some cancellations we were able to add a few more dogs to the running order. Peg, Rainey and Scout (who will make her debut) will get to run in one of the nursery classes. Sava and Roxy will run in the Adv. Pro Novice and Sweep/Jr. and Kuro will run in the other nursery classes.

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