Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bow River Classic - Day 2

We were awakened bright and early by the judge's arrival in a bush plane. Grant Armstrong, the pilot and our host was giving him and a Schmaltz nephew, who was working in set out, a tour of the prairie before another long day of judging.
We started with the nursery class and Reba was first to the post. Scott switched it up on her and sent her the opposite direction from the day before. It was good schooling for her since the outruns were difficult. She pulled up a little short this time but then got going. The first set out of the gate were pretty hopped up (and were standing out when the plane buzzed by and got stirred up) and Reba had her work cut out for her corralling them. She made a bad turn on the third leg of the drive because she didn't want to give up the pressure and ended up needing a rather large flank. It hurt her enough to put her in 4th and end up 2nd overall.
Nan got to the pen today but couldn't get them in and ended up with a 60. Tam almost made it to the top, in fact it looked like he was going to do it but he might have been worried about the horse because he turned around and came back the way he went.
June didn't have as nice a run as yesterday with the sheep feeling so frisky but she still managed to win the class and win the overall!
Open started shortly after with Hemp running early. He was a baaaad boy today! He overan on his outrun and then didn't listen to a word I said about flanking, stopping or steadying. We missed the fetch panels but made both drive panels and got a decent shed and I kept him well out of the pen and got them in. He ended up with a 78.
Donnie was his usual unflappable self. He ran a very nice run, not quite as nice as yesterday and got a 93.
Maid was awesome today and won it!!! She tied with Thad Buckler and Nic for a 95 but beat him on the outwork, thereby insuring herself a place in the double lift along with Donnie.
Laddie was the worst today!!! I`m very angry with him. I decided to send him to the right today since he got lost on the left. I set him a little ahead of me to hopefully keep him tight and I put my hand on his collar and got him all jazzed up and ready to go before I sent him. It worked and he did a nice outrun but disappeared at the top. I called, I yelled, I pleaded but I saw no sign of him so I had to call the run, borrow a quad and make the ride of shame. Turned out, he was up there, next to the horse in position to bring the sheep but since he couldn't hear me for the wind, he wouldn`t make a move on his own. I was very unhappy to say the least and he`s lucky he got dinner tonight!
SO - I don`t have the double lift list - it`s supposed to be top 4 from yesterday and top 4 today plus 4 combined runs. Some of the dogs from yesterday qualified again today so we weren`t exactly sure how they were going to deal with that. I will put the list up tomorrow as soon as I get it.

Grant Armstrong flies our judge onto the trial field to start the morning.

Judge, Warren Mick, poses by his morning transportation.

June works to catch running sheep

Nan turns the post

Future winning trial dog, Jamie Van Ryan`s Glen.



NURSERY 2 (15 dogs)
1. Scott Glen and June 79
2. Ian Zoerb and Zen 69
3. Wendy Schmaltz and Floss 65

OPEN 2 (54 dogs) - Scores were not finished on the board! Sorry!
1. Scott Glen and Maid 95
2. Thad Buckler and Nic 95
3. Scott Glen and Don 93
4. Peter Gonnet 92
5. Ian Zoerb and Sam 90


Donna Brinkworth said...

Yay Maid! Ccongrats and good luck in the double lift with Maid and Don.

Camp said...

Congratulations Scott! and little Nan it sounds like you are getting better with every outing. Time Jenny to consider moving pics around on the Trial page right hand side of the blog and put up your profile pic???? just sayin'