Monday, August 1, 2011

Bow River Classic - Double Lift

Today's double lift started out in the nice cool of the morning but was very hot by the time we were done. It showed in the sheep. They were a little cranky anyway with a few breaking away from the flock on the drive but as the heat came up, they let it be known that they would prefer to be resting the shade. Still, if the dogs treated them well, most sets behaved. Maid drew up 6th and she did get a run away ewe but she didn't do anything helpful to keep it with the group. She was getting a little hot and irritated herself and she didn`t appreciate that ewe making her life any harder. Even with that, she had a good run and won the day with a 151!
Ian Zoerb and Freckles gave Scott and Maid a run for their money and with a quick and efficient shed, it looked like they might eclipse them until Freckles went to the water on the field and then left to go look for some more off the field. It ended up being a DQ.
George Stambulic and Kate had a nice run too and ended up in 5th which was a brave feat since Kate had been battling diarrhea for 24 hours and wasn`t feeling her normal self.
Scott ran Don in the 12th hole. It wasn`t a great time for running. The breeze wasn`t blowing and the heat was wearing on everyone. He had a grumpy lead ewe who took the flock and left the set out early as Don was approaching. Don caught them as they were running but the fetch was supposed to be almost a crossdrive and Don didn`t expect that. He ducked back behind them and pushed them back off the line and ended up very low. His turnback was great and his drive was nice but that ewe gave him trouble again in the shedding ring. It was noticed at one point that he had one extra ewe collared. The judge told him to let one go and he did but unfortunately, the bad one wasn`t around at that time. He had a struggle digging out his last two sheep and lost them out of the ring. He penned and got a 141 - good enough for second place!
In the end, we`d just like to say we love this trial, and love the new location.

Scott and Maid turn the post

Scott calls Maid in on the International shed

Scott and Maid pen

Schmaltz niece and nephew take a break from set out

Don tries to catch a bitter ewe on the first fetch

Don and Scott turn the post

Scott calls Don in on the International shed

Louanne Twa and dog Meg pinch hit in set out to give Wendy Schmaltz a break.

1. Scott Glen and Maid 151
2. Scott Glen and Don 141
3. Peter Gonnett and Taff 136
4. Joanne Zoerb and Mik 135
5. George Stambulic and Kate 131
6. Thad Buckler and Nic 128
7. Bob Stephens and Pete 124
8. Ian Zoerb and Sam 120
9. Joanne Zoerb and Brynn 120
10. Lee Lumb and Nan 118
11. Joanne Zoerb and Soot 110
12. Lynn Schweb andDex 89
13. Ian Zoerb and Freckles DQ


Doniene said...

Love your dialogue! I can envision it and almost see the dogs working the sheep. Glad Scott did so well. Looks like a wonderful place to have a trial. I need to move North in the summer.


Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

OMG!!! my butt looks huge. Can you Photoshop that and re post.