Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alberta Wild Rose Classic

Insanity! We arrived at the trial field at 5:30PM just as the first drops of rain were descending. We jumped out and with our rain gear on, we set up camp. The drops kept getting bigger and I quickly jumped in the back of the truck to feed the dogs and then ran for the camper just as the hail started to come down. It's been coming down for over an hour now and shows no sign of moving on because there is no wind blowing the clouds over us. We had one momentary break where we could venture out and see a fog coming off the camping field

Evil clouds and haze on the camping field during a break in the storm.
and get a look at the size of the giant stones that were pelting our camper.

Huge hail stones
The break was over all too soon before we all had to run back for shelter. Bob, Skid and I are still riding it out in the camper, hoping that the golf ball plus size hail stones don't break any of our vents. Scott ran to the truck and is standing in the middle under the roof, between the two rows of dog boxes so that the dogs have a reassuring presence. It's coming down even faster now .


Monique said...

Oh wow. How good you are to the dogs. I've been seeing pics on FB of it this afternoon. That does NOT look fun. Here's to a stiff breeze!

Joan said...

wow...we got hail that size a couple months ago too. The insurance companies are still playing catch up with all the claims for vehicle damage. Houses too. Stay safe!