Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calgary Stampede 2011 - Day One

Ok, ok. I'm bad. No pictures today and I don't have the results but I can give you highlights. First off, Laddie was bad. He did alright around the course but at the pen he sliced a little and we had some trouble. Finally, one dashed out of the mouth, and he did a drive by and bumped it with his shoulder. He got called for a grip. On the other hand, miracles still happen and Hemp actually got a pen! His run was a little slow but I'll take it. A few other highlights: Dale Montgomery with his Zip dog are in the lead, then Diana Gauthier and Kit are in second. Louanne Twa and Meg are in third (yea!). A few others in the top ten in no particular order are Chris Jobe with both of her dogs and Wendy Schmaltz and Gin. Lisa Wright and Hope also penned.
So tomorrow we press on. Laddie will try for day money and Hemp will try to pen again. I'm not sure lightning will strike twice, but I can hope.
Apparently, they will be doing live streaming tomorrow of the runs:

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Monique said...

Got to see Meg's run on the live feed. Looked very exciting. Hope you are having fun, good luck tomorrow. Where are you in the run order? I'll try to watch on the computer!!